Work and projects

Work on citizen journalism in Sri Lanka and ICT4Peace


Groundviews is Sri Lanka’s first and only award winning citizens journalism website and features an unparalleled range of ideas, opinions and analyses on humanitarian issues, media freedom, human rights, peace, democratic governance and constitutional reform.

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Vikalpa was my second citizen journalism initiative. It builds on the success of Groundviews by providing content in Sinhala and Tamil that explore facets of democracy and governance in Sri Lanka.

Vikalpa YouTube Video Channel
Sri Lanka's first and to date only citizen journalism video channel on YouTube. Videos on the channel have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times to date. More details here.

Election violence mapping in Sri Lanka
Set up a system for the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) to map election violence incidents, leverage RSS and Twitter and use SMS. The maps are available here and the Twitter channel here. This was the first time in Sri Lanka that election violence was plotted and shared on a map as and when reports were received from the field.

SMS reports from the field on election violence

Set up a Twitter channel to monitor and log reports from citizens on election violence as part of Vikalpa

Writing on citizen journalism and ICT4Peace in 2007

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