Thank you everyone!


San-in Film project is a group of English teachers focused on producing high quality materials for the Japanese educational system.

All the members are volunteers and raise funds for equipment etc.. by organising events here in Shimane. In the past we have held a pool night and a dance festival.

  We are always endeavouring to find support from external organisations. These include The British Council who have helped us with the preparation of the script. If you are the member of an organisation / group who might be interested in helping us then please email us at




We are also supported by Shimane Board of Education who have aided us by helping us with the educational CD. In addition, we would like to thank Kashima TV and Matsue Higashi High School for lending us video equipment. This project could not happen without the locations we have used, so thank you to Seiji Fukui at Kaya and the friendly staff of Portbelow.