The history of San-in Film Project.........


 San-in Film Project was born out of a desire to offer something different to English teachers in Japan.  We felt that whilst there is definitely a place for textbooks in the classroom, alternative ways of learning are always welcomed by Japanese students. Film provides one of the best ways of making lessons more fun and helps students understand what is arguably the most important aid to sucessfully mastering a foreign language - culture.


While learning about foreign cultures can be a fascinating and eye-opening experience in its own right, it is only within the setting of culture that a language can come to life.  Natural communication is dependent on the context and it can be difficult to understand this without at least an appreciation of the culture behind it.


This is why a group of JET programme participants sat down in 2005 and dreamt up San-in Film Project.  Our job is to make speaking English as fun as possible whilst introducing aspects of different cultures to the Japanese high school student. Film is the perfect medium to help us and others do this.


Our mission statement sums up our feelings.  We make high quality educational films that show realistic English dialogues embedded within a cultural setting.  In this way we hope to make learning English painless, effective and sometimes even fun!