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The first release from the San-In film Project is coming...


Another boring day at an American High School.  Or is it?


Under their calm exterior, the students of Jefferson High hide secrets, insecurities and problems.  Will Pete get the girl?  Will Anne ever be able to live with her embarrasment? Can Bill actually sing?


The first release from the San-In Film Project is titled "Jefferson High: A School Life".  It follows the lives, loves and losses of a group of 6 American high school students.  Over the course of thirty minutes, a host of cultural differences between the lives of American and Japanese teenagers are explored using natural, easy to use english.


Topics explored within the film include - introductions, likes and dislikes, job talk, eating out, going shopping, giving directions and much more... 

While the film is designed to work as a stand alone resource material, included with the DVD is a supplementary educational CD.  This CD contains over 15 example lesson plans that focus on listening, speaking, writing and reading.  Separate to these lessons are planned activities that let students explore the cultural differences raised by the films.  All materials are PDF documents to ensure ease of us by you the user.