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Jason A. McPeak

abandoned railroad tracks, Seabrook, TX

     Classic black and white photography, performed with real film, and classic professional cameras manufactured from the 1950's through the early 1980's. I have realistic props for photos of many types, tungsten hot lights, studio photo strobes. Film formats that I use are some of the most popular among professional photographers; 35mm (small format), 120/220 (medium format), and 4x5 (large format). I also do my own film developing to insure that it is done properly.
     I currently work out of the area of Galveston to Houston areas, and adjacent areas as well. For special occasions and other circumstances, I maybe available in other areas, this is handled on a case by case basis, and would require a substantial down payment to cover travel expenses.

UPDATE (12/19/2012)

     I added in some recent photos I did with my recently acquried NIKONOS V underwater camera. It's a 35mm that can go to 165' under water without leaking, two of the three lenses I have are good for above or below water (35mm & 80mm), the 28mm will only focus properly under water. I still ahve to have the o-rings deep inside the camera serviced before I go under water with it, but for now it is rain and sink faucet proof.

UPDATE (11/25/2012)

     I just added in half of the pictures I did at the Texas Renaissance festival (barbarian weekend). I'll add more in a few days after I've had time to scan them. I've also set the site to automatically adjust for ease of use on mobile devices. I'll be adding a few more bells, whistles, etc. to the site.

UPDATE (11/18/2012)

     I will be adding photos very soon of various subjects using Fuji green sensitive X-Ray film. I first have to shoot some controlled tests using white boards with grey cards and step wedges taped to it with info to get some controls set to see a true film speed and development times.

UPDATE (1/5/2012):

     I am looking for female models at this time who would like portfolios done for the entertainment venues to replace damaged negatives and photographs for my work portfolio. I will trade photography work for free photographs for your entertainment venue related work. If you need 8x10 glossy photographs for work related review, contact me. I will have you sign a model release before the shoot session commences that we are trading photographic work for my ability to use your some or all of your pictures that I do for my client advertising portfolio.
    The reason for this is I have lost negatives and prints or they have become damaged beyond repair with relocation of my home, in some cases I cannot find the model releases for my work, thus I cannot use them in my portfolio to show perspective clients. I am wanting to rebuild my portfolio, and as I stated above, I will be trading free photography work to build your portfolios for your work in; acting,dance,and other entertainment venues, for written permission to allow me to use some or all (to be negotiated) of the photos in my portfolio I present clients to show the quality of my work.

Phone: (281) 954-4384 (voice, sms text, voice mail)
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