House Rules

Let’s start with a friendly Announcement
The ST's are here to make sure you enjoy yourselves and to provide the world and environment around your character. No one player is above the rest, your character may think that they are all they want. I really want everyone to have fun at this game, just do not let your fun OOCly ruin, threaten, demean or belittle other players. That having been said, while the ST staff is here to help ensure the players always have something to do, that does not mean we are here to take your verbal harassment. The ST's have final say on rule's calls.

About the Game
We are a satellite game based out of ROS: Shift in Perspective. While ROS is primarily a garou game, this is a sabbat game. There will be opportunities to cross chronicle with other games in the org, as well as opportunities to play with the fuzzies. However, should crossing into another game (or the main game) occur, you will be subject to their rules and ST calls. And any repercussion of said actions can (and will) come back to haunt you. 

Disciplinary Action
Disciplinary action will be the decision of the ST staff, with the HST having final decision. One warning will be given in written (email) format. Disciplinary action can include: banning (temporary or permanent), GNC of your character, etc; depending on the nature of your actions. 

Actions that will garner disciplinary action include but are not limited to: excessive argumentation with staff and players, bad judgment/poor sportsmanship, cheating, etc. If a permanent ban is issued, your PC will be GNC’d. If you have received a disciplinary action from another game, it will be taken into consideration upon entering Sangre Esta Noche. 

Proxy In/Out
Proxying Out- If you are ‘proxying’ your sheet out of the game for a scene elsewhere, remember you MUST cc the board ( with all interactions involved in the scene/conversation/walk through Central Park.

Proxying In- If you are ‘proxying’ your sheet into this game for a downtime scene with another character, please remind them to CC my board! ( with all interactions. If you are proxying your sheet in for a ‘Hard Proxy’ in defense or assault of a PC housed or playing with this Chronicle your request will be handled on a case by case basis with the following applying
Your home chronicle has an open cross chronicle policy for retaliation/retribution potential 

Your merits/flaws, disciplines, items, etc will be subject to Sangre Esta Noche house rules for the extent of the scene. If chops are required, they will be thrown by a member of the Sangre Esta Noche board (in case of scene in our chronicle) on behalf of each character.  If required, scenes will be narrated and decided upon by the ST Board of Sangre Esta Noche using sheets, situations, items, and chops (thrown between ST’s) to determine final outcome.

Attending Other Games
We are part of a national organization, and with that, we have the privilege of travelling to other games, event games, etc. With this, please keep in mind, that if this is a game that portrays another aspect of a different genre (ie: Werewolf, Camarilla, Anarch), you will need to give us, and the game you will be playing in, an advanced notice (1 week minimum) and adhere to said games rules.

Cross Chronicling
Currently, cross chronicling is allowed in and out of our game. We require an email to the game you intend to cross chronicle with, having them cc’d, at least one week in advance.
Character Creation
Creation is standard per Laws of the Night, Sabbat Guide. 

Traits: 7/5/3
Negs: No more than 5 points for extra freebies. Note: Nosferatu repugnance does not count towards this.
Abilities: Sabbat, Kindred, and Clan Lore are free (at level one).
5 additional points in your choice
Backgrounds: N/A Must spend freebie points on
Disciplines: 4. May not come in with above first intermediate in-clan, second basic out of clan
Flaws: No more than 7 points in flaws, if you take extra no additional points given
Virtues: Start with 1 free in each category. 5 more to be dispersed amongst the 3(7 if on Humanity)
Path/Humanity: Conscience/Conviction + Self Control/Instinct divide by 2 rounded up. You may drop one level for 2 free points. NOTE: Those coming in on humanity will gain extra points. 
Derangements: May take 1 for 2 free points. Note: Malkavian original derangement does not count, may take secondary for the freebies.

You may ask the Storytellers or the Admin for what clans are needed or capped. If you play an under-represented clan, additional points may be awarded upon creation only.

All Merits and Flaws are at Storyteller approval, unless otherwise stated as needing higher approval. There will be no merit stacking. (I.e. Combining the bonuses from Natural Leader and Ability Aptitude Leadership.)

XP and YOU
How it’s earned*
2 XP per game
1 XP All attend 
1-2 XP for downtimes/journals (ST determination)
1 XP for RP Nods/Costuming
2 XP Diablerie (Only granted once per month)

*May not accrue more than 8 XP per month
*An ST may additionally award additional XP for other items as well. Good sportsman ship, good game, helping with newer players, etc. 

Submitting XP, Downtimes, Etc.
All expenditures, downtimes, and influence will be submitted by the 2nd Wednesday of the month, by 5:00 pm. This is in order to give the staff a chance to look at what has been submitted and give you more opportunity to have resolve by the time game starts. The sooner downtimes and influence are submitted, the better results can follow.

Spending XP 
Willpower: 3 xp 
Traits: 1 xp each  (1 per category per week)
Abilities*: 1 xp each. 
Backgrounds/Influence: 1 xp 
Disciplines: 3/6/9 xp (In-clan) 4/7/10xp (Out of Clan)** 
Merits: 2x listed cost and requires time and an explanation of how you are acquiring it. 
Flaw Buyoff: Double what they show on your sheet and requires time plus an explanation of how you are buying it off. 

*Any ability above 3 will require a teacher. All lore require a teacher with one level higher than you possess. 
**All out of clan disciplines require someone with the discipline you are seeking to teach you and double standard learning time. 

Learning Times for Disciplines

In Clan: 
Basic or intermediate: One week (7 days)
Advanced: Two weeks (14 days)

Out of Clans:
Basic or intermediate: Two weeks (14 days)
Advanced: One month (30 days)

Combination Disciplines: Two weeks (14 days)

To successfully diablerize another vampire, they must be at least one generation better than you, and you will need to make 3 chops: 

1st: Determining if you successfully gain generation
2nd: Do you gain the clan flaw of the vampire you ate?
3rd: Do you gain a derangement as you envelop the soul of another vampire?

Even if generation is not gained, you are at risk for clan flaw and derangement and must throw to see if they are earned. However, regardless the outcome of the chops, you do gain 2 XP for the experience. This XP may only be gained once per month. The chops must be done with an ST. 

You may make one change to any item you apply your crafts on per 5 points in crafts, as long as the crafts are applicable. (You cannot use crafts-wood working on a firearm). Examples of changes include: 
-Add 1 extra damage of the same type (agg for agg, lethal for lethal) 
-Remove 1 negative trait 
-Add 1 extra trait 
-Add a specialty ability (Must make sense for the weapon.) 
If you spend over 20 points on the item, you may add all applicable changes. 
Anything over this will be for flavor only.

Equipment and item card standard creation will be handled from Laws of the Hunt for all Weapons and Armor.
Allies- Every level of allies you possess may be used (at IC cost) to perform an action either ‘mundane’ or Influence driven

Contacts- Every level of contacts you possess may be used (at IC cost) to acquire information or perform an information gathering Influence action

Fame- Fame allows you to extend the reach of your Influences, Allies, and Contacts. However, this comes with a serious cost for vampires avoiding too much notice…and for most monsters of the Sabbat it is even more taxing to keep up. (Capped at 1 at creation, requires background to move further)

Generation- This is how many steps from Caine you are. Currently capped at 2 at creation (11th Generation)

Herd- Food. Every level represents a blood point you have access to at no cost.

Mentor- Levels can be dependent upon how strong/knowledgeable your mentor is, how much status he might throw around, or his investment in your survival. Must be approved by a Storyteller. We will work with you, but you might not always get exactly what you want. 

Resources- How much money you have access to at any point. 
0 - $250 a month, maybe a shitty car…that you live in cause it can’t move. Cannot be liquidated.
1 - $500 a month, cheap studio apartment and a beater. Liquidation value = $5000
2 - $1000 a month, decent apartment or house and a car or scooter/bike. Liquidation value = $10,000
3 - $3000 a month, own your own house and car. Liquidation value = $30,000
4 - $10,000 a month, large house and some small properties, multiple vehicles and some luxuries. Liquidation value = $100,000
5 - $30,000 a month, estate and properties, luxury vehicles and amenities. Liquidation value = $300,000

Retainers- This pertains to servants and employees. There are two kinds of this background. Mortal Retainers and Animal retainers. They work one of two ways: Each level of retainers can be another ‘simple retainer _____’ for a mass of servants and assistants, or you may specify each purchase of Retainers(1-5 multiple times) with personalities and backgrounds. These second options will of course be more useful and better skilled, but cost more to have in the long run. You may only have as many dots in Retainers as you have Social Traits(Gen Cap) + Leadership(Current) + Generation Traits(Current) on your sheet.(I.E. An 8th Gen Vampire with 5 Leadership and sacked a health level for a social(Appearance) trait via Vicissitude could have 25 total dots of Retainers between Animal and Mortal, Generic and Specific to spend(14 Gen Cap+1 from mod, 5 Leadership, 5 Generation traits)). 

Haven‐ This background works in two ways. There is the “Personal Haven” and the “Communal/Pack Haven” and we are using a separate system for each depending upon what you would like.

Personal Haven, Clan/Sect/Faction Holdings:1 – 5 Pertains to Size (Studio – 4 Bedroom) and Security(Deadbolts – State of the Art commercial Security System) So for every level in personal haven you get one level in size and one level in security. This is for Clan, Sect, or Faction Holdings only. You can trade the Size aspect for the Workshop/Lab aspect

Note: For Clan holdings only member of that clan can buy into the haven and you give up partial control to you clan (aka NPCs/Plot). For Sect and Faction holdings anybody allowed by the founder of the building, (aka, the first to put a point haven into the project) can put into the haven rating, giving up partial control. Also you give up partial control to you Sect/Faction (aka NPCs/Plot). Neither can exceed level 5 haven rating. You can put any aspect into it but you are still limited to a max rating of 5, but you can have multiple buildings dedicated to different things.

Communal/Pack Haven: This is a system in which every aspect of the Haven has its own 1‐5 rating, and each member of a Coterie/Pack may purchase 5 points toward the total of the Haven. The aspects purchased into this way are Size, Security, Location, Armory, Workshop/Lab, and Secret Exits. For Example: Pack A has 5 Members; each of these members has 3 dots of Communal Haven except the Ductus, who has 5. This gives them a total of 17 points to divide between the aspects. The haven they have decided upon is in the rural parts of the diocese, further from feeding but has really good security, armory and secret exits, with a small workshop garage. Their spread is as Follows: Size 2, Location 1, Security 4, Armory 4, Secret Exits 3, and Workshop 3

Size: Every level in Size gives one extra prepared sleeping area beyond what you need for your pack. For personal havens each rank in size represents one prepared sleeping area to a maximum of 5.

Security: For every level of Security the difficulty of defeating your havens defenses increases by 2 traits, from a base of 8, and give destructible objects two additional health levels per rank. So if you have 3 levels in security (for example) the difficulty of sneaking up on your haven, to hacking the security, to kicking down the door, etc... Ex. Would have a difficulty of 14. And attacks like kicking down the door or busting down a wall would have a minimum of 6 hp.

Location: For every level in location you possess the pack gains 1 blood trait that they can freely feed upon around there haven as they have taken steps to insure easy feeding in that area, but only for them.

Workshop/Lab: For every level of this background the pack gets one extra trait when crafting or using appropriate abilities in their workshop/lab. For every rank you can chose between one Craft, Science, Medicine, Repair, Torture, etc... That gets this bonus. (STs have to approve what can apply, No you cannot have a nuclear bomb factory in your haven)

Secret Exits: For every level you get one secret exit (max 5) and the difficulty of finding your secret exits increases by 2 traits, from a base of 8. Secret exits are also completely secure from the outside in and are basically impossible to find and is up to extreme measures (or betrayal) and St Approval to be able to locate. Even then you cannot gain access to a haven this way (but you can lay in wait for ambush)

Fighting Vinc:

Vinculum Score Rating Effects Fighting Your Current
Vinculum Score
1 Virtually no bond exists, though you may be fond of the individual. Only through death or foul Tremere magicks
2 You have a feeling of kinship for the individual, but not strong enough for you to go out of your way to help them. 1 willpower
3 You are basically loyal to the individual as long as that loyalty does not interfere with your own plans. 1 willpower each night for a 3 day period
4 You will aid the individual if you are asked to do so and there is no personal risk involved. 2 willpower
5 You respect the individual and help her whenever you can, even if it involves minor risks 2 willpower
6 You have strong feelings for the individual and help them even at the cost of yourself. You will gladly fight for the individual. 2 willpower each night for a 3 day period
7 You are willing to put yourself in moderate danger for the individual and will kill for them. 2 willpower each night for a week period
8 You will gladly donate any resources or influence you might have to aid the individual. 3 willpower each night for a 3 day
9 You will do virtually anything for the individual, even putting yourself in great danger. 3 willpower each night for a week period
10 You will readily give your un-life for the individual. 3 willpower each night for a two week period

-Vinculum does not fade over time. Upon death, those with vinculum to the character feel it snap, and in some instances can cause frenzy, depending on how strong of a vinculum rating is. 

-Unbondable (Merit) – while it tends to make one immune to blood bond, it does not have complete effect on the vauldrie and vinculum. Instead, you gain ratings at half the speed. (IE, were you to gain 2 points in a rating, you gain 1)

Performing vauldrie for the first time:
- Starts at 1
- Each time performed raises your rating by 1 point
- Placing 7 traits into a vauldrie will lower a blood bond by one level 
   (Eg. A 3 point blood bond will take 3 vauldries to completely break)

Assamites and the Vauldrie:
-Assamite AT do not get addicted to blood like their cousins on the mountain or in the camarilla. By drinking the blood of a kindred, they must test for frenzy or be compelled to drink in in entirety. A willpower can be used to suppress this, or those with this flaw can be last to feed. 
Declaration of blood expenditures, social challenges, and mental challenges, celerity must be made at the beginning of each round. Should you not speak up for the ST’s to hear you, you will not get these actions. 

The initiative of each action is based solely off natural traits, weapons or celerity does not apply in that regard. Traits granted from form disciplines however do add to your initiative. (I.e. Beast form/Horrid form) Social and Mental actions will normally be taken first, but certain ones can be held to respond to another action with (I.E. Dread Gaze in reaction to someone trying to punch you)
Contesting Actions
You may react to any action taken against you or an ally(within reason) if you have A) Not yet acted in the stage of that round, B) are able to act in the stage of that round, and C) the aggressor you are reacting to does not have a higher initiative then yourself(if attacking another only, if you are the target you may contest despite initiative)

Soaking Damage
Whether you have an action or not, you may always attempt to soak lethal Damage. However, you may not soak aggravated damage regardless of actions OR you possess the power of Fortitude at ANY level. Disciplines that effect Health Levels, Damage Reduction, or Damage Negation still work as normal, but without an Action OR Fortitude, you must take the hit and determine damage as normal.

Surprise Actions
Surprise Action is exactly that. It is one action. Period. The end. It does not matter if you come up in obfuscate or not, there is no celerity actions in a "surprise round". If someone claims surprise on you the cancel would be alertness, otherwise you must soak the action they are doing.

Ranged Staking
In order to stake from a ranged distance, one must have a weapon capable of holding a stake (bow, cross bow, stake launcher, etc) or hold at least one dot in the ability: Throwing. 

Celerity vs. Rage
Rage is a changing breed power. As we are neck deep in werewolf territory this may come up. Werewolves can burn for either extra actions, OR to activate gifts and cannot be burned in the same round as a gnosis. All declarations of celerity and rage must be made at the beginning of the round.  Rage actions will be taken in congruence with celerity actions. Fleetness will still be considered a fair escape, unless a werewolf activates gift: speed beyond thought (rank 3, silent strider). 
All disciplines are run out of Laws of the Night, Revised, or the Laws of the Night Sabbat Guide, unless otherwise stated, or house ruled below. 

Combination Disciplines
Denial of Aphrodite’s Favor: If your generation is not the same or better than the kindred with this combo, presence level's1-3 do not work against them and cannot be used, although this is not always so obviously a power.

Iron Heart: This combo gives you ties DEFENSIVELY against presence, Dominate, and mind affecting thaumaturgy. (aka Mental vs. Mental thaum). It does not give you ties in dementation challenges or other social challenges just because awe was used. Further when it comes to Presence level 5; Majesty... Iron heart does not affect either party. I.e. you do not get ties for breaking majesty or trying to uphold your own.

Feral Whispers- Feral Whispers is not a language as would be granted by the Linguistics ability. Feral Whispers may only occur between one animal and one kindred/animalism user at a time. 
Subsume the Spirit- Requires expenditure of 2 mental traits in order to use powers of Obfuscate while subsuming. For all other discipline uses while subsuming, please see page 136 in LotN:R.

Note: In Obfuscate challenges, you are the defender. 
The Spirit’s Touch- All uses of The Spirit’s Touch require a Storyteller present. 
Telepathy- No “breaking in” to others’ telepathy. All deep probes require a Storyteller present. 
Psychic Projection- There is no expenditure of blood permissible while in psychic projection. All Auspex powers below Psychic Projection are usable cross-realm with no additional expenditure per LotN:R page 140.

Alacrity- Any action taken in the Alacrity portion of the round that may require a challenge will be at Storyteller discretion. 
Fleetness- Ranged ties in Fleetness will be subject to the rate of fire (applied to all standard weapons by LotN:R or Dark Epics). Initiative in combat is determined by base traits only.

Auspex vs. Chimerstry will be at Storyteller discretion on a case by case basis. 
Horrid Reality- Any level of actual damage (lethal, aggravated) sustained while under the effects of Horrid Reality will generate a disbelief test for Horrid Reality to remain active. Should the test fail, the pc enters a torpor like state.  Each round the character sustains damage will generate this retest. Willpower is also considered a valid retest against this discipline. However, the excuse “I know that guy is a Ravnos” will not be a valid reason to generate a retest; be a little  more imaginative, he’s bound to have done something to tip you off beforehand. 
Passion- Any one character cannot be affected by multiple of the Passion-induced negative trait at any one time despite successful challenges against them (i.e. you could give one character both impatient and submissive, but not two submissive).
The Haunting- All uses of The Haunting require a Storyteller present.
Voice of Madness: If you lose this challenge there is no additional courage check. You are running away as if rotschrek
Total Insanity- Total Insanity cannot be “stacked,” that is to say that no PC may suffer the effect of more than five derangements from Total Insanity at any one time. Applied derangements will be chosen by Storytellers. The effects of Total Insanity cannot be released by the instigator (TI cannot be “turned off”). If another PC uses TI on the same target the derangement's this will cause the effected PC to gain 5 new derangement's that replace the current 5. If a single PC attempts to TI one target more than once the derangements do not change. 

Possession- Requires the expenditure of 2 mental traits in order to use the powers of Obfuscate while possessing. For all other discipline uses while possessing, see page 148 in LotN:R

Resilience- In order to test down aggravated damage, characters with Resilience may risk a Stamina related trait rather than burning it. 
Resistance- In order to test down lethal damage, characters with Resistance may risk a Stamina related trait rather than burning it. 
Aegis- Use of Aegis must be declared prior to static challenges for placement in challenges of staking. Once you have learned level 5 fortitude you no longer have to risk a trait to win on ties for testing off damage.

Unseen Presence- Text messaging is considered enough interaction with your environment to break Obfuscate at this level.
Mask of a thousand: Very generic mask unless spending mental traits to give unique appearance, or look like another individual. No masking Clothing and lasts until knocked into torpor/unconscious or killed. 
Cloak the Gathering- With Cloak the Gathering, a character may cloak up to five other people based on their stealth rating.(for a total of six including the individual using Cloak the Gathering), subject to burning of mental traits per LotN:R  page 163. A character may not maintain more than one “cloak” at the same time, for instance, a PC may not use Mask of 1,000 faces on their allies and then use Vanish from the Mind’s Eye as well.

Shroud of Night- Shroud may fall at any time in the Everyman portion of the round, subject to the initiative of the caster and when moving, moves at 1 step a round.
Arms of the Abyss- Tentacles created with Arms of the Abyss are limited to either the PC’s rating in the Occult ability OR Shadow Lore ability, not to exceed five in either case. They act on their initiative of 3 starting the round AFTER they are summoned.

Sepulchre Path 
Insight: All uses of this power require an ST present
Haunting: All uses of this power require an ST present
Torment: Requires a physical challenge against the wraith which they can use full retests on
Ash Path 
Ex Nihilo: You may not pull another living or undead creature with you into the shadow lands, and only your powers work there. I.e. no guns, cell phones etc.
Bone Path
Shambling Hordes: A willpower burn and then an additional blood and mental trait per body being raised. They are considered to have 4 health levels, and on average 5 traits. 
Soul Stealing: Expend a willpower engage in a social challenge. If you successfully soul rip someone they remain in their ghostly state for a scene or hour. NO WILLPOWER RETURN TO THE BODY. Exception: you may return to your body if your physical body comes under attack 

When using Potence and announcing the victory condition of distance as opposed to damage, the defender will be displaced 3 steps for each level of Potence used. There is no potent jumping/throwing/standing their ground
Intensity- PCs may not use the potent trait granted by Intensity to jump, throw or “stand their ground.
Puissance: Grants you ties on strength based physical challenges and 1 additional health level of whatever type damage you are doing. (Lethal and Agg)

Awe- Use of Awe will gain attention from your target, but does not guarantee eye contact. Disputes of eye contact with uses of Awe will be settled by a Storyteller. Awe can be used as a retest for any social challenge in which you are in the targets actual presence(This means no Summon) 
Summon- All uses of Summon will be run through a Storyteller. A PC will rationalize their need to leave their current situation and will not know that they are under the influence of Summon. “Apparent danger” as it pertains to breaking a Summon will be determined on a case by case basis by a Storyteller. 
Majesty- If you can perceive a character in Majesty, you are under the effects of that Majesty until you are able to break it.

Feral Claws: If bid the sharp trait and lose, your claws go away until another blood is burned to re-activate. 
Shape of the Beast: Traits given for fight/flight form determined by ST’s depending on form chosen. While in fight/flight form any use of Serpentis, Viscissitude, Thaumaturgy, or Necromancy will be at ST discretion

Silence of Death:  Sounds come into bubble and can be heard, but do not exit
Scorpion’s Touch: Can give a Melee weapon as many coats as it grants bonus traits. The Blood however loses its magical potency at sunrise.
Dagon's Call: Must be run through an ST
Baal’s Caress: Can coat a melee weapon as many times as it grants bonus traits. The Blood however loses its magical potency at sunrise.

Eyes of the Serpent: Damage or breaking eye contact will end this power.
Tongue of the asp: Can reduce darkness negatives by one trait, otherwise run per LotN: R pg. 173
Skin of the Adder:  Gives Tough and Lithe phys traits, when you bite hard test for extra damage and your body can fit through anything your head can
Form of the Cobra: Requires 1 blood and 3 turns to transform, no speeding up transformation. While the bite is fatal to mortals, other supernatural may be affected as well to a lesser degree. (ex. Garou take 2 lethal and will test each round for additional damage unless Resist Toxin is used) While in this form, you gain 2 additional physical tests: lithe and tough. (Subject to Storyteller discretion)
Heart of Darkness:  ST required for any use of this power

The Withering: Unlike stated in the book, a withering effect targeting the head negates the targets use of all Vampiric Disciplines EXCEPT Celerity, Fortitude, and Potence.

Malleable Visage: Spend a blood trait to perform cosmetic changes. To appear as someone else specifically requires Static mental challenge against target’s Social Traits.
Flesh Craft:  With expenditure of blood can bestow Repugnant negative trait upon someone up to max of 3 or can remove a permanent Physical trait for an extra Health Level.  
Bone Craft: Allows user to create bone spurs that would do 1 lethal on unarmed attack
Horrid Form: You may not initiate Social Challenges except for intimidation based. Movement: you gain one additional step due to your large than life size. 
Blood Form: If all the blood is imbibed or destroyed while in this form, you meet final death. Takes one turn to activate this power fully, however once activated, you can choose to control if you wish to transform part of yourself or only part of oneself at will. This cost nothing to convert back to your normal form.