The Mon Village & Temple

When the old town of Sangkhlaburi disappeared in 1984 (due to flooding by the dam), a large community of ethnic Mon people were suddenly without a home. Most of them were refugees from Burma and did not have any rights in Thailand. Thanks to their abbot Luang Pho Utama, they were allowed to establish a new village on the western banks of the Vajiralongkorn Lake, just opposite Sangkhlaburi town.
The community has so far grown to over 1200 families and the former bamboo-hut village is now a busy town in itself. The abbot Luang Pho Utama supported his community by building schools, creating a market on temple grounds and paying for the health care of the poorest. Tourism has also payed a major part in the positive development of the Mon village "Wang Kha", as tens of thousands of Thai-holidaymakers stream into the village and its temple and market every year.
The Pagoda of Wat Wang Wiwekaram at night

The shrine of the late abbot Luang Pho Utama, a Mon.
National colors of the Mon - red and white