Three Pagodas Pass

Three Pagodas Pass (295m above sea level) has always been of significance in Thai history. The area is inhabited since over 2000 years and ancient cultures migrated across the pass into the Kwae Noi River valley. The Mon reached Nakhorn Phatom in the 5th century and later came the Burmese on their conquests to destroy the Thai Kingdom.
The most recent conflict at Three Pagodas Pass is only 2 decades back, when the Burmese military made an incursion into Thailand in their successful attempt to gain control of the pass.
Until today, the political situation is not stable and the border is frequently closed for sustained periods - by the Burmese by the way.
You might want to know that a visa renewal is still NOT possble at Three Pagodas Pass, and it never was, despite rumors in the travel and expatriate world.
Nevertheless, a journey to the Three Pagodas Pass is worth the effort for its beautiful surrounding landscape and the exciting journey to Sangkhlaburi. See details on the District Map.
Three Pagodas Pass early in the morning...
The Railroad Track crossed right next to today's
Burmese border checkpoint