Sane Pong Village

Ban Sane Pong (see Map) is located 15km NE of Sangkhlaburi just inside Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Reserve. The village is ethnic Karen and has over 100 years of history. Apart from stories that were passed on from generation to generation, not much is know about Sane Pong's real past.

Today the village houses around 100 families. A small wooden temple is located at the end of the village towards the Songkaria River. Inside the temple you can find a pair of artistically carved elephant tusks, said to date back into the early 19th century. Another temple treasure is a small, green glass Buddha image. Villagers believe that the Buddha changes color prior to problematic events in the village.

If you walk beyond the village and along the clean Songkaria River, you will be rewarded with beautiful riverside sceneries and chances for a swim in the river. Around 4 hours hike beyond Sane Pong is another, yet smaller, Karen village - Ko Satoeng. 2 days hike (40 km) from Sane Pong is the border village Thi Lai Pa, formerly a refugee site and now guarded by the Thai Border Patrol Police.

A road to Umphang in Tak province does not exist on Thai side, though very adventurous trekkers might take the challenge with a guide and walk the 100++ kilometers to Boeng Kloeng south of Umphang and the place where public transportation connects again. A dry-season dirt track winds along the border inside Burma, unusable for tourists and Thais alike.

Traditional Karen life styles 
Temple treasures in Sane Pong

Songkaria River beyond the village