Christian Hospital Huay Malai

Born as a small jungle hospital in 1960, the Kwai River Christian Hospital (KRCH) has developed into a research center and a haven of humanity. The hospital has been run by Dr. Phil McDaniel for 23 years after being established by his father. Even though "Moo Phil", as everyone in Sangkhlaburi knows him, is back in the United States, the hospital does not fall short of doing great work.
Just to name a few of their projects:
  • The "Under Five" program to fight child malnourishment
  • The Tuberculosis ward with over 50 in-patients
  • HIV/AIDS education and support for affected families
  • The Scholarship Fund for medical and nurse training
  • The Elderly Persons Program for those with chronic diseases
  • Hygiene Education
  • The Safe House for physically and mentally ill refugees from Burma
  • and, and, and....
The Malaria- and tropical diseases research is done by AFRIMS, Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Science, located on the premises of the KRCH. If you want to learn more or get engaged, here is the LINK.