Sangkhlaburi, Thailand, 15°09'N, 98°27'E

Sangkhlaburi is a sleepy town of 15,000 people from many ethnic backgrounds. There are the Karen, the Mon, Thais, Chinese, Lao and even Arakanese and Bangladeshis. This ethnic diversity makes Sangkhlaburi district unique in Thailand. You will love to wander through the local markets, take a ride to Three Pagodas Pass or make a trek to remote villages outside the district town.
Sanglkhlaburi is also known for its 400m long wooden bridge that spans across the Vajiralongkorn Lake to connect the Mon village "Wang Kha" with the Thai and Karen parts of the town.
This bridge was constructed in 1993 and has even attracted Thai and foreign movie teams!
Despite its hundreds of years old history, today's Sangkhlaburi is a new town. When The hydroelectric Vajiralongkorn Dam neared its completion in 1984, old Sangkhlaburi had been demolished and the new town was created on higher grounds. All that remains of the past are the half-submerged structures of the old Mon-Temple and the basements of several buildings. And, the eroded remains of a 400 year old pagoda close to the impressive new Mon temple Wat Wang Wiwekaram which was fouded by the late Abbot Luang Pho Utama.


Sangkhlaburi's 400m long Wooden Bridge
A view on the Mon-Village of Sangkhlaburi
What's left of old Sangkhlaburi...
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How to get to Sangkhlaburi, 350km from Bangkok?
Bus time tables and prices are changing constantly but here are useful details for your journey to Sangkhlaburi:
From Bangkok:
Bus No. 9918 from Morchit Northern Bus Terminal 4x per day (through Kanchanaburi) 6-7 hrs to Sangkhlaburi - be early!
Train to Nam Tok, continue on Local Bus No 8203 - be early!
Bus No. 81 (every 20 min.) from new southern bus terminal (Sai Tai Mai) to Kanchanaburi an continue from there as shown below.
From Kanchanaburi:
Local Bus No. 8203 up to 5x a day until about 15.00.
MiniVan No. 8203 or AirCon Microbus almost every hour until 16.30 from backside of the bus terminal (Small office)
Bus No. 9918 stops at Kanchanaburi bus terminal, too.
Train to Nam Tok and continue on Local Bus No. 8203
No flights - there is no airport in Sangkhlaburi
No connection to/from Umphang/Mae Sot
No entry point to Myanmar (except border village if open)
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