From 14th of August 2017, I started working at the research institute in Korea called Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) as a senior researcher at the Artificial Intelligence Research Center.

Research Interest

My research interest lies in the theory of computation and applications of automata-related devices. I am especially interested in the problems of computing the edit-distance between formal languages and obtaining descriptional complexity of regular (tree) languages. I also have been working on reachability problems for automata, matrices, and maps since I joined University of Liverpool in 2016. After moving to KETI in August 2017, I am now working on new interesting topics on artificial intelligence technology and high-performance computing.

As a computer scientist, realizing interesting theoretical ideas into programs is something I love to do as well. I am currently working on the implementation of fast regular expression matching algorithms and cellular automaton-based simulations. Moreover, I am also planning to develop an efficient inference algorithm for Relax NG schema from XML data.

You can download my CV in PDF format here.