SMAS 2016-2017

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Called to Serve the Lord

If you really want to love the Lord in your life

You need to be ready to follow his desire

To Follow the Lord is hard to do

You need to forget your selfish ego

But in the end He will make you new


What a joy to serve the Lord at his altar

It is not for anyone who just seems to like

Serving the Lord is the Choice of God

Serving the Lord is a way of life

And it will fill you with love in your heart


I just want to say to you Lord, I thank you

For the choice of serving you Lord at your altar

What a favor to serve you, Lord

What a joy for me to serve my God

And I will treasure it all in my heart


I just want to promise you Lord my obedience,

My commitment, my sacrifice to show my love

Help me to be faithful to you O Lord

Help me to keep all my promises

So I can serve you with all my heart.

So I can serve you throughout my life.