Have Fun Learning about the Garter Snake!!!
On this site you will learn where the Garter Snake lives. What the Garter Snake Eats, its life cycle and much much more!!!!!!!!!
San Francisco Garter Snake ( Thamnophis sirtalis)

This is a San Francisco Garter snake It normally hides in houses in the summer!!!
This is the Garter Snake Sitting in the sun

Hello My name is Katelyn i am in the 7th grade. I go to Correia Middle School in San Diego, California.In my seventh period science we are doing an endangered species unit. This is why i have created this website as a project in this unit. I choose to do the San Francisco Garter snake because i was very interested in the color and patterns on the snake. This website will tell you about The San Francisco Garter Snake and how it became endangered. 
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