Membership entitles you--as either an artist or a supporter of the arts--the ability to fully participate in the various activities of Sanford Art Association.  Artwork may be placed in the Gallery either as part of the monthly shows (for hanging artwork) or for longer periods of time for 3-D and functional artwork, jewelry, cards, etc.  We periodically have the opportunity to display and sell artwork at various locations in the Sanford-Springvale area, such as the library.  Membership meetings are held monthly on the first Wednesday morning of the month and all members are invited to join the Board of Directors in discussions and decision-making involving the association and the gallery.

Membership Levels

Artist: $35.00/year

Friend: $20.00--$99.00/year

Patron: $100.00--$299.00/year

Sponsor: $300.00+/year

The membership year is the calendar year, Jan 1 -- Dec 31.  Dues are payable by January 15th of each year.  New members who pay after Oct 1, however, need not pay again until January 15, one year and up to three months later.

Download the Membership form:  .pdf format or .docx format   (If you experience problems printing these forms directly from the website, try downloading the form to your computer and then printing it.)