Welcome to the madcap world of the STAC Mysteries.

What does STAC stand for? The Sanford 3rd Age Club.

Theirs is a world where everything is as it should be, a world where the middle aged and elderly rockers of the Sanford 3rd Age Club can relive their distant youth without caring too much about other peoples’ opinions.

It’s also a world in which, wherever the STAC members go on their travels, from Filey to Fuengirola, Cornwall to the Canary Islands, Leeds to Las Américas, crime is not far behind, and the crime is usually...


The Books

The Filey Connection: after the death of fellow member, Nicola Leach, the Sanford 3rd Age Club need a pleasant weekend at the seaside, but it all goes wrong when Eddie Dobson, falls into the sea and drowns. Two tragedies, days apart, and Joe, Sheila and Brenda know that neither of them were accidents.

The I-Spy Murders: Brenda a contestant on I-Spy? The whole of the Sanford 3rd Age Club is looking forward to a weekend in Chester when Brenda comes to the end of her week on the reality TV show, but the suicide of a fellow contestant cast a shadow over the celebrations. And when Joe says it was murder, Brenda becomes one of the chief suspects.

A Halloween Homicide: the witching hour approaches, the Sanford 3rd Age Club are enjoying a wet and windy weekend in York, when all hell breaks loose at the Palmer Hotel. Member of Parliament, Edgar Prudhoe has been robbed of a valuable necklace. While the search is on to recover it, Prudhoe is murdered, and for Joe and his companions, there is no shortage of suspects.

A Murder for Christmas: yuletide at the exclusive Regency Hotel in Leeds promises to be just the tonic for Joe, Sheila and Brenda. When a member of the Leodensian Historical Society is found murdered on Christmas morning, and one of the Sanford 3rd Age Club members is arrested, the three companions must pull out all the stops to unmask the real killer.

Murder at the Murder Mystery Weekend: it's New Year and we're all in Lincoln for a drama spread over the weekend, but director Melanie Markham has eyes only for Joe, Sheila's gallstones are playing up and while the amateur sleuths  tackle the fictitious murder of Colonel Halliwell and his biographer, there is a real murder. Life imitates art, and the STAC detectives are confront their most complex case yet.

And Coming Soon

My Deadly Valentine: February 14th approaches and a lonely Joe has his eye on the newest member of the Sanford 3rd Age Club, Letty Hill. But when the Sanford Valentine Strangler strangler strikes for the fourth year in succession, Joe’s amorous inclinations are sidetracked. And he doesn’t have far to look for the prime suspect… it’s him. A killer who leaves no trace, a public suddenly suspicious of him and a police officer with a personal grudge against him, Joe is sure of only one thing… It’s MURDER at Valentine’s.