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2017 Line of Officers

                              San Fernando Valley Scottish Rite

 Officers of All Bodies:

     Ill Ralph B Dash 33°                                                       Amin Ballout 32° KCCH

     Personal Representative                                                  Treasurer
     Moses M Gazazian 32° KSA
                                           Burt Haas 32° KCCH        

     General Secretary                                                          Director of Scottish Rite Foundation:                                                                                         

     Gerard Deprest 32° KCCH                                             Ill Sean Foran, 33°    

     Ass. General Secretary                                                   Director of Work

Elected and Appointed Officers for 2017


Lodge of Perfection


Venerable Master:                       Burt Haas 32° KCCH
Senior Warden:                           
Bruce Ewald 32° KCCH
Junior Warden:                           
Daniel Placencia 32°
Michael David 32°                          

Almoner:                                     Sheldon Ochatel 32°

Prelate:                                         Leland Celestre 32°

Master of Ceremonies:                Charles Cunningham 32°

Expert:                                         Eduardo Estrada 32° KCCH
Captain of the Host:
Tommy Ray Smith 32°
                                           David Woody 32° KCCH

Chapter of Rose Croix:

Wise Master:                                   David Rush 32
Senior Warden:                               Victor Lerma 32° KCCH
Junior Warden:                               Thomas Sheehan 32°
Master of Ceremonies:                    Phillip Berardi 32°
Expert::                                            Benjamin Lupu, 32°
Assistant Expert:                              Levon Baronian 32°
Standard Bearer:                             Akram Alawar 32°
Guardian of the Temple:                Ill Bruce Hudson 33°
Tyler:                                              Ellis Miles 32°

Council of Kadosh

Commander:                                     Jeffrey Merrick 32°
1st LT Commander:                        Bruce Leselle 32°
2nd LT Commander:                      Andre Aladadyan 32°                                                        Chancellor:                                      Gerry Glassman 32°
Master of Ceremonies:                    Haik Dilanyan 32°
Draper:                                            Artin Aladadyan 32°
1st Deacon:                                      Steve Herman 32°
2nd Deacon:                                    Ruben Rubenyan 32°                                                                                              
Lt. of the Guard:                             Harout Harry Kapukchyan 32°


Master of Kadosh:                                     Calvin Frieling 32°
Prior:                                                         Tigran Aroutiounian 32° KCCH

Preceptor:                                                  John Parker 32°

Chancellor:                                                Kurt Styher 32°
Minister of State:                                       Ill Harvey Lyman 33°
Expert:                                                       Joseph T Eden 32°
Assistant Expert:                                       Gorden R Hummel 32°

Scottish Rite Foundation

Burt Haaz 32 KCCH, Director

Moses M Gazazian 32, Member

VMAP Membership Committee Chairman


Moses M Gazazian 32° KSA


Untitled Post

posted Feb 7, 2017, 9:00 PM by Moses Gazazian

Update Your Address & Email

posted Feb 2, 2016, 9:03 PM by Moses Gazazian

Dear Brethren of San Fernando Valley Scottish Rite,

We always encourage you to notify us if you had any address changes or email changes, so we can properly update our records. Once a month we publish our monthly bulletin and would love to see that everyone gets theirs on time. Our Valley is growing and if your records are not up to date, you will miss out on our events, fund raisers and degree conferrals,
Send me an email with any changes and updates at  sanfernandovalleysr@gmail.com

Thank You

Your Line of Officers for 2016

posted Feb 1, 2016, 4:38 PM by Moses Gazazian

Below is the list of Line of Officers for San Fernando Valley Scottish Rite 

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