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What we are doing new in 2016


This year, the program will be focused on RiteCare and we are hoping to make this the largest fundraising event in the Southern Jurisdiction for RiteCare programs at the Orient level.  50% of every donation that is designated for a split with the Orients will go directly to assisting local programs.  All expenses for conducting the Celebrating the Craft event will come out of the 50% that is contributed to the House of the Temple.  We are very excited about having a great


opportunity to assist our local Valleys raise funds to help children with speech disorders n their local communicates. We need your help!

Grand Commander Seale hopes that each Valley will participate in the 2016 Celebrating the Craft.  There are several ways you can assist:



1.            Have your Valley host an event and watch CTC as a group.  This can be an open event with wives, family members and friends.  This type of activity also provides a great opportunity to promote SR membership.  We encourage you to invite Blue Lodge Masons who are not yet in the Rite.  They will learn a lot by viewing the show and may ask for a petition.  This has been very successful in several Valleys.  The event can be casual or formal, it can include a meal or just some light refreshments, each Valley is unique and knows what generates the most excitement among its members.  Many Valleys collect donations that evening and call in a collective gift during CTC.  All such gifts will be announced live during the show.


2.            Put information on your Valley web site, newsletter and other communications to help promote the 2016 CTC.


3.            Start encouraging all brethren to make a gift that night.  It doesn’t matter whether the brother contributes $5 or $500, all donations are important.  The key to the success of an event like this is many small donations and a much smaller number of large donations.


4.            Consider holding some type of fundraising event on May 21 to raise funds for CTC.  Remember, half the funds will support RiteCare in your Orient!


5.            We are looking for brief, 1-2 minute maximum videos that show RiteCare in action at local clinics, university co-op programs or where ever SR is active in supporting speech pathology programs.  If you can provide one, we need it sent to the Supreme Council Development Office no later than March 10.  Submissions should be in high definition and in a MOV, MP4 or WMV format.  They can be sent to



6.            Encourage any of your members who have a particular talent to enter the Scottish Rite Has Talent Contest. Scottish Rite Has Talent is a program that supports the annual webcast fundraiser, Celebrating the Craft (CTC). CTC is set to air LIVE Saturday, May 21, 2016. It is a unique opportunity to share and celebrate our talented Brethren throughout the Southern Jurisdiction.


Members who want to participate will be asked to submit videos online through a digital Dropbox. We are looking for videos that feature both musical talents and other appropriate talents including, but not limited to, comedy, magic, story-telling, or live art. (Details are listed at the end of the presentation but should not be read.  Instead, they should be provided if and when requested).

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