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About Me:
I am a software engineer with 5 years of professional experience, and over 17 years in programming. Yep - hitting this machine since '89 when I was a kid. My friends still wonder whether I have grown up :? Staying with my family in Northern India, I relish home-made food. I did my Bachelors in Civil Engineering - summa cum laude from the City Beautiful. I love music: romantic and trance. Keeps me hypnotized and moving. I enjoy nature and am close to it - the best moments are when I enjoy drizzle with a soft breeze. My idea of a dream date is to be Together in the Rain. I am a speed aficionado, drive fast but not in cities - you never know when kids drop out.

Well if you believe in what friends write in testimonials, then I am multi-faceted workaholic, intelligent, sharp, humorous, a friend's friend and above all a good human being . No need to believe me, just check my Orkut profile ;)

My Mantra: Become who you were born to be! Human!

My Blogs:

Azcarya! - Playing with technology.

Poet Inside - The music inside me - ponder over my poems here.

What I Like... - All about what I enjoy!

My Day In Paradise - Do I need to say more ;)

Collaborative Efforts,

Good To Know It! - Thought Process and thought provoking puzzles to baffle you.

Jerry's Insignia - A live account of Jerry's journey as he grows up.

My Creations:

Matrika-India - A site dedicated to the cause of Child Birth and Safe Motherhood. A site for MATRIKA - an NGO working for the cause of mid-wives in India led by Janet Chawla.

Jerry - A Java-based web application framework targeted at advanced users and developers. View the blog at Jerry's Insignia or browse the FishEye repository instance.

Azcarya White - A fluid-width white-background Blogger theme specially designed for technical blogs, making heavy use of AJAX. Supports syntax highlighting, and popup widgets.

Modified Foliage - A conversion of the famous Wordpress Foliage theme to Blogger. With a dark-gray background, lots of leafy/flowery stuff, and some cool AJAX effects, this fluid width Blogger theme supports syntax highlighting and popup widgets.

Foliage Powerpoint Theme - A Powerpoint presentation theme inspired by the Foliage theme.


Reflections of creation - A blog on photography running on Modified Foliage Theme.

This is Reverb - Another blog running on Modified Foliage Theme.

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