The Johnny Donhue Adventures

         Man Overboard

Sandy Mason

Author Sandy Mason releases ‘Man Overboard’, the second in his series of Johnny Donohue adventures.




Using his witty and sometimes sarcastic look at life, Johnny gets involved in another adventure. Affairs of the heart are pulling at him as he tries to make sense of a dangerous and confusing situation involving one of his software clients.


On Florida’s beautiful gulf coast, an experienced sailor suddenly goes missing at sea. His disappearance leads to a trail of money laundering, stolen boats, drug smuggling and kidnapping.


Follow Johnny Donohue and his ex-cop buddy Lonnie Turner as they work the case and become entangled in a Mexican drug ring with a penchant for violence.


Johnny’s Latino lover is doing some investigating of her own as an undercover reporter. Filled with danger and suspense along with a few twists and turns, ‘Man Overboard’ brings together the best and the worst facets of Florida life.


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