Shape Tracking

We are developing a shape tracking method for detect and track shapes that are printed in a piece of paper captured by a camera for augmented reality. By estimating the points correspondence in the outline of the shape, the pose of the camera is computed. Our method takes into account the polygon simplification and descriptor by considering the relationship of neighboring points in the outline of a region. Our method is also called region tracking method.

augmented reality marker, augmented maps, augmented reality maps using road network, authoring tool

authoring tool for making papercraft
Application scenario example : authoring tool for making paper craft

Scenario example : authoring tools for making papercraft
Augmented reality can be used for showing annotations to help us making things such as paper craft. In order to show the annotation in the right position on the viewing display (monitor or HMD), we track the paper. Our shape tracking method, therefore become handy for realizing this idea.

papercraft sample
What user sees through HMD like Google Glass using the authoring tool

This research appears in the International Symposium of Mixed and Augmented Reality 2013, Adelaide, South Australia in the works in progress sessionISMAR 2013 Website
Presentation slides : PDF
The detail of the algorithm is written in the paper : PDF
The list for additional videos of Works in Progress Session at ISMAR 2013 can be found here.

The shape tracking can be used for registering arbitrary planar marker that has strong edges. 

The tracking method can be applied for registering the paper maps for augmented reality maps.


Sandy Martedi, Bruce Thomas, and Hideo Saito. "Region-based tracking using sequences of relevance measures". IEEE and ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR2013)  Works in Progress Session. Oct. 2013, Adelaide, South Australia.