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31 January, 2004

Job Opening for IITians

Qwest Communications India operation is looking for IITians for its newly set up Bangalore based development center. Qwest Communications is a $19.6 bn telecom company operating in mid western US and provides basic telephony, wireless, long distance and other allied telecom services. With a client base of 25mn users and employee strength of over 50,000, it is one of the biggest telecom players in the US. Qwest communications has its telecom interests in different parts of Europe and Asia. It has chosen Bangalore, India as preferred destination to set up its software development center. The software development center is located on MG Road, Bangalore.

Qwest India operation, branded as TS2 Software is a highly process oriented organization and is unique in many respects starting from the profile of employees hired, the quality of projects undertaken, the emphasis on extreme programming, distributed development, the emphasis on employee development and the unique culture that we have built. They only hire graduates from IIT and attach a lot of emphasis to employee aptitude and attitude rather than the skill based hiring. For more information on Qwest and TS2 Software, kindly visit www.qwest.com and www.ts2software.com .

Interested IITians are requested to send in their resume in word format to neerja.manghnani@qwest.com . You can also reach Ms Neerja Manghnani for any queries on the aforementioned mail ID or at 91 80 57601277 during office hours.



The Batch - 5 years down the road

  • IIT Delhi
    • Ankit Agarwal : Joined Trilogy and then went on to do his MBA from IIMA. Last heard to be with some investment bank in London/NY.
    • Kapil Makhija : Went on with a 2 years stint at Oracle. Currently pursuing MBA at IIMB.
    • Manish Kumar : Went on for higher studies somewhere in Europe.
    • Prayank Swaroop : Joined Adobe nee Macromedia and became a global evangelist. Currently pursuing his MBA at ISB.
    • Apurv Anand : Went to Yahoo  for 2 years where he found his sweetheart. Thereafter Joined Vendio got married and still put up in Bangalore.
  • IIT Bombay
    • N N Kalyan : This dude travelled the world a lot thanks to his 2 year stint at BT. He had been in Fair Isaac for some time. Now he is well settled with MS at Hyderabad and is married too.
    • Anand Agarwal : Went to BNP Paribas. Go married too.
    • Anuraq Ruhela : Went to BNP with Anand and is located in London now.
    • Ranchu Mathew : Completed his 5 years at TS2 and then moved on for Phd at Maryland.
    • Karthik Jain : The only entrepreneur among us who founder www.picsquare.com
  • IIT Madras
    • Sheetal Kiran : Last heard when he left for GE Medical.
  • IIT Kgp
    • Gunjan Kumar : Still holding on to TS2 and is married now.
    • Chandan Ghosh : Joined Sarnoff for a year and then did his MBA from IIMC. Joined some IBank at London.
    • Piyush Bansal : Joined Synopsis and is in Bay area.
    • Rahul Singhal : Joined D.E. Shaw thereafter in Deutsche Bank
  • IIT Guwahati
    • Karan Singal : Did his MBA from IIMB and joined McKinsey at London.
    • Sandeep Kumar : Holding on to TS2.