Nice contribution by Sunny !!

Abhijeet Kumar
Fig. 1. Abhijeet Kumar. University of Buffalo.
Abhijeet Kumar
Fig. 2. The Kramers: Abhijeet Kramer and Nishit Kramer chilling with spatial annotations ;-).
Jassi and Sona
Fig. 3. iSpace having unintended romantic influence. On his first day of use of the application, Jaspreet Singh struck a gold mine, named Sonali Sobti. $-)
Vinay Kumar Vinay with some chick
Fig. 4. Ponnam Vinay Kumar. Using the iSpace technology, he is allegedly stolen copyrights for dating Sikh girls. Due to this, Sikh boys like me are left stranded with no dates.
Victory is Sweet.
Fig. 5. Intel Research Contest winning team of CSE Batch 2kb celebrate all night till they populated the physical surroundings with linked location aware messages and empty bottles.
Victory is Sweet.
Fig. 6. Geeks and Friends for life. Figure shows how religious intermingling is achieved through a little bit of C2H5OH.
Fig. 7. Availability of friendly, entertainable and Italian paper reviewers like Mr. K. Taneja, was the secret to our success. Salujjaaa... paper accepted!
Victory is Sweet. Victory is Sweet.
Fig. 8. ..not to mention that pleasing Mr. Taneja was not a very easy accomplishment. But then, the result was worth the effort! ;-)
Victory is Sweet.
Fig. 9. Alas, all it takes is 5 bucks and loadsa blessing from BABA 5! :-X
Victory is Sweet. Victory is Sweet. Victory is Sweet.
Fig. 10. ... and a few good looking girls would never hurt. :-*

P.S. This is a spoof of the my graduate thesis project. I'm sure you will enjoy the project as much as you did watching my pictures. iSpace