Scuba Diving Accidents

A new feature. As of 2009 we will try to keep a record of scuba diving related accidents.

Hopefully we'll be able to gather enough information for you to read and to learn from.


It is unfortunate but true, some scuba diving accidents do result in death. The majority of cases reported/published show that mistakes were made. Mistakes that could have been prevented from happening had the diver(s) done what they had learnt during their training.


An even more tragic category would be those cases that involve student divers! HK has had its fair share of the latter. Unfortunately there is not a lot of news on these cases with regards to what actually happened. As such it is difficult to learn from any, if  there were, mistakes made.


Information will be published once we confirmed the report.


Know of any incidents / accidents not mentioned? Please sent us and email: SandyBottomDivers@gmail



Jan 03    Accident during a fundive       Netherlands    Icediving                  54 y/o                     Diver died in hospital




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