SBD trip, Rules and Regulations

Our apologies to those who think that the below is "common sense", it doesn't seem so to some others !

Rules and Regulations

WHY ??

We at SBD would like to make every trip out, one of fun. However, to make sure that everybody has a safe experience we do have a few R&Rs.

Boat briefing.

Everybody has to attend the boat briefing, no matter whether you have been on that particular boat before or not.  The briefing will be in 2 parts, "safety" and "orientation". The latter will be done last and, unless thing(s) changed, those familiar with the boat can go after the "boat safety" briefing.

Dive briefing

This is for all to attend who intend to go into the water. Both safety and site specifics will be covered.


IMPORTANT to know BEFORE  you sign up !!!  The below go with, in some cases prevail over-,  R&Rs of the boat's operator.

- smoking only on the upper-deck, on the stern-end bench.

- no diving, snorkelling or swimming after alcohol consumption

- no solo-diving unless appropriately equiped and experienced

- no harassing marine life nor damaging fishermen's equipment

- wearing gloves is discouraged, except during the winter.

- Every diver in the water has to have a SMB on them

_ at least 1 diver of each buddy team deploys SMB before surfacing

- dive in buddy teams of 2 or 3 pax, NOT more!

- plan your dive well, NO towing back to the boat