Sandy Bottom Divers trip

Good day everybody,


The weather has been nice and the viz no worse than average. The water is still a nice 27 C warm at 10 mtr deep.


Details for our trip, on November 14,  are clearer now. On our website you'll find our "rules" regarding SBD dive trips. For anybody who has safety safe-practises and conservation in mind there will be no surprises.

We intend to go diving around Basalt Island, East Dam or further out. It will depend on the weather conditions and the final make-up of the divers.


This time EVERYBODY participating in the raffle will walk away with (at least) a small price, thanks to Scubapro Asia-Pacific.



More goodies, from the SBD;

- DM stick


- white SBD polo-shirt

and more.

See our website tomorrow for more goodies.


raffle tickets will be HKD 20 (write your name on a HKD 20 note)


For those looking for a, new, regulator set; the Sherwood SR-1 is a fantastic regulator. Not only is it good and nicely priced. The manufacturer recommends it to be serviced every 24 months, with part for FREE !!!!

Compare that to Scubapro and Mares (both very good regulators too), where the manufacturer recommends an annual service, and you'll see that every 2 years you'll save over HKD 1,000 on maintenance!!

(following manufacturer's recommendation will mean you have lifetime warranty on parts)

PROMOTIONAL PRICE for those ordering one on our clubday. Those interested can try my set this Saturday.


Those who want to buy a SBD polo-shirt, HKD 100 members/HKD 120 non members, please let me know your size and colour wanted (blue or white) For somebody around 175-180 cm tall with a 34 waist it would be size large. XS fits those around 150 cm and less


We intend to board the boat at 0845, so please be on time. Should be back at Sai Kung pier by 1800.


If there are at least 15 who want to do a night dive as well, HKD 100 extra, we'll do that too!


Dive, then Dinner and Drinks and Sai2, who's in?



- 2 tanks each (included)

- weights/belt (included)

- drinking water (included)

- lunch (included)

SBD- and Wayfoong members HKD 340, non-members HKD 380


soft drinks HKD 5

gear rental HKD 150, full set

  "      "      HKD 120, bcd + regulator

  "      "      HKD 80, bcd or regulator

snorkeling gear    HKD 50  full set


Those not confirmed yet and/or need equipment, please email us asap with the following info:

- date/place of last dive

- scan/digi photo of "highest" certification

- equipment size(s) if applicable


payments to be settled by transfer by Friday Sept 25


See you Saturday,


"Beltron Sports & Diving Equipment" is the distributor for:

- Akona

- Innovative Scuba Concepts

- Genesis

- Sherwood

- XSscuba