Our Members
    Who are we and where do we hail from?

The founding members:

Harvey, International Man of Lingerie.              England

      Advanced Open Water Diver


Ken,  Dutch  Aquaholic                                       Netherlands

      MSDT Instructor


 Marco, Inspector Gadget     Our Thailand rep.       Italy

     Dive Master


Mark,  The Toy Story                                                USA

      Master Scuba Diver


Martin, A total Banker                                            Wales

     Dive Master


     Honarary members:

    Arie,  SUPER MUM                                               Indonesia

        Open Water Diver


    Christine,  the REAL Boss                                 Tai Wan


    Petter, Playing it Cool                                        Sweden        

        Master Scuba Diver


    Phil,  .                                                                     England

       Dive Master student


    Sisse,  She Likes it Wet                                      Hong Kong

         Master Scuba Diver


    Thoralf, Always Checking                                    Germany

        Advanced Open Water Diver


    2009- 2010  Members:

    Ahmar M,      The Professor                                 Australia

       Rescue Diver to be





    Alex Wi,  could it really be, another total B... ?    Ireland 

       Master Scuba Diver


    Andrew S,      He'll sort it Out.                               England

       Rescue Diver 



    Angelita L,                                                                 Malaysia



    Annemarie v/d G,   Nah, Canadian hey!             Netherlands

       Rescue Diver to be


    Christian P,                                                              Germany



    Dave At                                                                    Australia



     Jacques P                                                             France



    Joe W, Happy Girl                                                 Hong Kong




    Joy C,      What a joy                                              Hong Kong

        Rescue Diver to be


     Robin G.    doing it for Mola Molas                    H

        AOWD to be


     Sarah G.    Bitterballen, ja?                                  Germany

        AOWD to be


    Terry B,  Likes to watch  !                                       Australia

        Advanced Open Water diver


    How to become a member

    There is an annual membership fee of HKD 250. This is for the season untill April 30 the following year.

    There are a few other ways to become  a member. Do one of the following;

    * Open Water- and Enriched course

    * Open Water and Advanced course

    * Advanced- and Enriched Air course

    * First Aid- and Rescue Diver Course

    * Master Scuba Diver course

    * Dive Master course

    * Buy 6 Dive Coupons


    How to remain membership

    * Annual membership fee


      do any of the above courses


    * Be certified as a PADI Rescue Diver (or equivalent) or sign up for a course. The latter could be your way to settle your membership fee!

    * Have a current/valid First Aid- and CPR certification. No more than 2 years "old".

    * Have done at least 10 dives the past year of which at least 4 were in Hong Kong

    * Dive according to "Best Practise". Go to our "Best Practise" Diving page for details



    Good deals on:

    • equipment
    • regulator servicing
    • dive travel
    • cheaper dives
    • dive courses
    • borrow gear from fellow members
    • first aid training