Jumbo 747  Wreck

Last update: 20090915

Ocean Airlines, a cargo airline based in Italy, stops flying October 2007 and suspends operations in April 2008.  They had 4 Boeing 747 - 200F's                                                                  Wikipedia

 One of these planes got "stuck" at Chek Lap Kok in Hong Kong. Arrived at CLK August 2008 and was painted in the Ocean Airlines' colours, it never flew. Three of the four engines and many fixtures have been removed since.                                       SCMP / The Sun

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Below, what's happened so far:




September 1, 2009

Hopefully you weren't thinking that it was all a hoax or over. We are still very nuch working on it. Mark, Martin and Ken have been attending some meeting as member of the HKUA subcommittee for the 747 Project.

We have identified three sites we would like to further explore. At this stage we're working on a proposal to hand to the Government. Hopefully we can submit by October.

A lot needs to be done and cleaning everything and finding the finances will be a lot of work but probably not the most difficult task at hand. The most difficult task at hand will be to secure any sie as a "No Take Zone".  Without the latter we would not achieve one of our objectives set.

We've been in touch with organisations who have experience sinking "unwanted" objects like planes, boats, helicopters, trains etc. BC/Canada, Florida/USA and Phuket/Thailand are just three better known places that have a good AR-organisation going.

Keep an eye out for more news and an ear open to anthing that might be of use in our quest.


May 5, 2009

It has been a while since the last update and a few things have happened since.

FIRST a BIG THANK YOU to those who have signed our petition, on www.sinkthe747.com so far. It has had a slow start and hopefully the word will spread faster now.

The HKUA sub-committee spearheading the project now, will have three SBD members on board. Mark and Ken + another member who is available to join the meetings.

We are now looking for a aerospace-engineer, or a "constructional engineer" who is willing to donate his/her expertise to the project. Anybody know somebody?

Our aim is to have a plan together to submit to the Government before the typhoon season kicks-off in 3 months time.


April 10, 2009

We, the SBD club, have "handed" this project to the HKUA. (Hong Kong Underwater Association). The HKUA has established a sub-committee to drive this project. They are the only Government-recognised organisation with regards to diving in Hong Kong and have very good contacts as such.

The SBD club has two members on the, 8 member, sub-committee and our Ken is the Vice Chairman.                                          Updates will still be posted on this page.

This is a BIG step in the right direction, see you with the next update.


March 08

Our friend Charles Frew (of Living Seas and Asiatic Marine fame) has a letter printed in the Sunday Post (SCMP) supporting the project and urging the Govt to do the same.

March 02

Replies from most Departments and organisations are in !

HKUA,   fully supports the project & offered to champion the cause.

Diving Anarchy  and The Frogman  have shown their support by reporting our project on their respective websites. 

Living Seas Hong Kong, supports the project as it would improve fish habitat. http://livingseas.hk

Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia is supportive. They can provide their expertise and share their experience (they sank a 737) www.artificialreef.bc.ca

LCSD, still awaiting reply

Marine Department, will provide relevant information when we submit a plan

Environmental Protection Department, has provided the links to relevant ordinances and can help where appropriate.

AFCD, like the idea. Fisheries department and AR-project department both like it though are awaiting a management plan before giving an official "thumbs up- or down".

Tourism Commission, likes the idea. Expressed their concern regarding safety to both marine Traffic and divers.

March 01

SCMP article about our "Sink the 747" project. Both SCMP-online and in the Sunday Morning Post


February 26

Ken meets with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the HKUA, Hong Kong Underwater Association. The HKUA are very supportive of the project and even keen on taking the lead.

South China Morning Post phone interview regarding our project. Read all about it in the Sunday Morning Post this Sunday March 1, 2009.

February 19

Status of the plane still unknown.                                                 Ken meets some representatives from relevant Government Departments to get more info.           

February 14

Awaiting replies from relevant parties and to check on the status of the plane

February 13

A local historical website: www.batgung.com has also raised a forum topic on our campaign and have found some good links relating to the issue.

Emails sent to some Government Departments. Awaiting reply.

February 12                

Canada, BC, has a 737 wreck for diving. Heaps of info is being found now with regards to sinking a plane.                            

The Tourism Commission replies to Ken. It is very encouraging that they have taken the effort to act on our email. See on the right their reply. They confirm Marco's thoughts regarding possible issues                                                          

A reply from the AFCD, to an email, confirms what the HK Tourism Committee wrote.                                                                 

February 11

A meeting is planned to get more structure in this "wild idea". One of our members, arranges meeting room for February 19.    

Ken contacts the SCMP in search of more info                                   

Shirley, the CO of the annual  ERC/HSBC Fish Survey, offers her support. She introduces some friends (one has been thinking about and planning something similar for over 30 years!) who are former committee members of the Hong Kong Underwater Association

 "The Frogman" thinks this initiative is one worthy of support. Heaps of good info and thought is offered. His website also reports on this initiative. www.uomo-rana.blogspot.com                   

February 9

Ken contacts the "Hong Kong Tourism Commission"  via their website.                                                 

We are offered a copy of the US NAVY's EIA report regarding the "Oriskany" in the USA.                             source can't be named yet

Marco and his contacts put a list together with possible issues. It's similar to what the HKTC and AFCD come up with.            

Face Book group set up:      

 Campaign to get the Ocean Airlines 747 sunk in HK as a dive site

January 2009, CNY break.

Peter Brieger, South China Morning Post, reports on the Airport Authority's desire to auction the plane to recoup costs.          

Ken's got a crazy idea about trying to get this plane to become a dive wreck. He sent out a few emails a few days later. Doing "Yum Cha" does weird things to you.



The list below is part of a list that was compiled by "Living Seas Hong Kong" for a project regarding Hoi Ha Wan

Please let us know if you any more parties.

Government / legislators
Sai Kung District Council
Food and Environmental Health Department
Environment bureau
Country and Marine parks board
Diving clubs/associations
HK dive centres and shops
Hong Kong Underwater association
Recreational fishing clubs
Commercial fishermen
"Trawlers Association"
Sai Kung Junk Association
Conservation/environmental groups in Hong Kong
Friends of the Earth
Save Our Shorelines (http://www.sos.org.hk/index.html)
Hong Kong Marine Ecology Conservation and Education Society" (香港海洋生態保育協會)
Hong Kong Marine Conservation Society
"Geo Park" group
Greenpeace China



Hi there,

thank you for visiting this  page.

For contributions, please email us on our "gmail address". sandybottomdivers@gmail

Let's explain what we are trying to do, in a nut-shell.

Get an unwanted Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, and sink it in the sea.

Why ??????? Well, a wreck like this would.....

* Draw more divers to HK

* Be a major tourist draw

* Is unique in the world

* Be one of few wrecks that can be dived in Hk

* Ease the burden on the handful of divesites in HK

* Provide another Artificial Reef

* A place for fish to prosper


Reply from Tourism Commission, published with their permission.

Dear Ken,

Thank you for your preceding mail which gives valuable opinion on developing diving tourism in Hong Kong. With regard to your  suggestion of sinking a Jumbo 747 plane in the Hong Kong waters for use as an artificial reef, we have consulted  Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, the subject government department, of its feasibility and are given to know that they have reservation on  the same. Their main concerns are as follows:

Firstly, our waters are comparatively shallow and the deployment of the 747 would pose a threat or danger to vessels passing by. For the previous artificial reefs deployment, there was a depth clearance requirement from Marine Department to ensure no obstruction to marine traffic and their artificial reefs designs were relatively short.

Secondly, even if we can find a spot (for example somewhere along the Tathong Channel) deep enough  to accomodate the deployment of the 747, there is a concern of the water depth coupled with normally poor visibility locally. It is not considered safe to conduct recreational wreck diving in poor underwater visibility. In addition, the marine traffic is normally quite busy within Hong Kong waters. Large vessels such as container ships would be navigating through deep channel and again this would pose danger to divers.

In this connection, they take the view that the mentioned plane is not suitable to be used as an artificial reef in Hong Kong context. You may wish to approach Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (email address : xxxx@afcd.gov.hk) direct for further information and discussion on the ways to further develop artificial reef in Hong Kong.

Thank you for writing to us and we will keep your valuable opinion for future reference.

Tourism Commission