Coral Photo Gallery

Hong Kong, though not having any extensive coral reef systems, has some amazingly abundant hard and soft coral colonies. Most of these are situated around the Eastern Coastline.

Pavona Decussata - vertical plate forming coral. Ung Kong Bay 2007





Here you can see a sponge thriving amongst the pinnacles of a stony branching coral. Ung Kong Bay 2007.

Platygyra - a hard stony upright coral, found in many areas such as Port Island, Sharp Island and Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. This was taken at Port Island Sep 2006.

Hong Kong has many well known sites containing stony coral communities - such as Port Island, Ung Kong, Sharp Island, Hoi Ha Wan. Many hard corals grow in shallow water (less than 3m) due to the often challenging clarity of the water.