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      Sandy Bottom Divers trip      

      January XX, 2010                   

  SBD trip, Rules and Regulations


 Not only did we welcome a number of new members this November, we celebrate some new certifications as well.




Advanced Open Water Diver, November

Ru L.

Open Water Diver, November

Laurent B.


SBD members and Charity

 Two  of our members, Alex W and Marco G have both taken up a BIG challenge. They will each do something, for a different charity, to raise funds for their good causes. Please visit their links for details and to show your support.

Alex W. has summitted Mt Kilimanjaro, one of the BIG 7 peaks in the world.

Marco G.

Marco Gorin aka The Frogman has done something different this year to raise funds for a worthy cause. Supporting orphans of the Suthasunee Noi-in foundation in Thailand. He trekked 17,100 foot (over 5,000 mtr) above sea-level in the Himalayas' Annapurna region from 27th October to 8th November. Going up high instead of deep down for once!!

His trek saw him travel 186 miles (a good 300 km) in increasingly arduous conditions with just a backpack. He was accompanied on the 13 day trek by a small group of friends and industry colleagues. Marco hoped to raise US$50,000 for some of Thailand's forgotten children.

Marco's physical challenge makes a difference for the 104 children of Suthasunee Noi-in aged from four days to 20 years. Each child has the HIV virus and most have been orphaned. What's common for each child is a history of tragedy. Marco's trek has raised money for much needed clothing, food, toys and comfort to bring happiness into the children's lives.

If you'd like to find out more about what Marco's did to help some of Thailand's orphaned children, contact him directly or read his personal blog

at .


          Who are we and what do we do? 

  • We are a group of friends, from all walks of life, with a common passion for diving and socialising afterwards. We like to share with others and show them that the diving here can be good fun and sometimes very surprising in terms of what can be seen. In the process we promote eco-friendly dive and boating practises. In August 2007 we started to use "Sandy Bottom Divers", after Mark's inspirational logbook entry (afetr a dive on a sandy bottom)
  • We dive in Hong Kong and abroad. We like to go places where others are unlikely to go. Thus we avoid the crowds and maybe find new exciting places to dive. Each new site is a new adventure.  New members and overseas visitors on holiday in HK are welcome to join us. Contact us on the address below.
  • Training  and certification. We do this through-out the year,  PADI courses up to "Instructor level" available.
  • We also like to help out on the annual Reef Checks, Reef Clean-up and ERC Fish surveys.
  • We promote save and eco-friendly diving. As a matter of fact, SBD has been instrumental in making Diving Express an @Eco-Operator". This is the second dive-company, in HK, to be accepted as an Eco-Operator under Ken's guidance !!
  • Safety First. Our members are all at least at the "Rescue Diver" level by the time their second year with the SBD comes. We will be prepared and ready to deal with an emergency or assist others if the need arises. Each member needs their own SMB on each dive. 
  • Best Practise. We dive according to "Best practices", like returning to the boat/shore instead of surfacing anywhere. We don't take- ,or harass, any marine creatures or corals/plants. Use an SMB before surfacing.                         Go to the "Best Practise" page for details.

 To read about our July 2009 Kapalai/Sipadan trip and other exploits / trips, click the following link.

  SBD Dive Diary


     Who are the Sandy Bottom Divers and how to join? Click the link below.

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If you have been along to dive with us and want to leave some feedback, perhaps just say hello or even want to ask a question, then just click the link below and sign our guestbook.

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Which Dive Operator do we go with?

When doing boat dives, we usually go with Diving Express Ltd. They are committed to becoming both a SAFE- and ECO-FRIENDLY operator. Becoming an ECO-OPERATOR was the first step only. Come diving with us on Sunday for HKD 380. Become a member and pay even less, HKD 330. The trip includes weights, 2 tanks and lunch.


 Articles coming soon:

-  Food for Thought, buying equipment.

-  Diving related articles from local English language newspapers

Dive Sites

We are compiling a comprehensive list of  dive sites around Hong Kong. 

One of our activities is looking for, and diving "new" sites.

Photo Gallery

Check out our pictures of underwater Hong Kong. You may be surprised what can be found.


Protecting Sharks ? Take Action !

That's what Marco Gorin did, see his letter that got published in a Bangkok newspaper



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Jumbo 747  Wreck 

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Diving  Hong Kong

      Conditions Nov. 15        

  Bluff Island  24C,  2-4 mtr     


 Afternoon and Night Dive

depart 1400, HKD 280/310       2 tanks+weights, EX dinner

Come and see another side of Hong Kong




Rescue Diver  course     every month


Sunday Dive Hong Kong

HKD 330 , HKD 360 nonmember                        Depart @ 0900,        Sai Kung,  2 tanks and lunch.


 Saturday diving, 2 tanks,     HKD 280/HKD 310              Night-dive only, 1 tank      HKD 200 / HKD 220 

EX meal(s)


First Aid Training


HKD 850/750 


 HKD 1,250/1,150 incl. Care for Children                         for dates & details: I.T.S .         



 Enriched Air Nitrox course   HKD 700 members HKD 750 non members


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 PADI courses

 We run courses through-out the year with flexible schedules. You can start whenever you want !

Open Water Diver course

 Dive Master

 Advanced Open Water

Enriched Air



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  Complete Service for ScubaPro, Mares and Sherwood    Regulator-sets


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