Classical music

+ Viktor Berkovsky + Yiddish songs

Here I've put some of my favourite pieces which can be enjoyed by more than three people (so no Mahler or Shostakovich). Most files are in MP3. To listen to them I'd recommend you use Winamp. The files have a sufficiently low bitrate to keep them reasonably small and legally impeccable.

Rachmaninov, Cello Sonata, Movement II

Scriabin, Piano Concerto, Movement I

Rachmaninov, Aleko's Cavatina

Brahms, Vier Ernste Gesange (I)

Glass, Concerto for Saxophone Quartet, Movement I

Poulenc, Concerto for 2 Pianos, 1st movement

Poulenc, Concerto for Piano, 1st movement

Sarasate, Caprice basque

Wieniawski, Concerto for violin no. 2, 2nd movement

Schnittke, Census List suite, I

Schnittke, Census List suite, II

Mussorgsky, 'The Old Castle' from Pictures at an Exhibition

Mussorgsky, 'Bydlo' from Pictures at an Exhibition

Viktor Berkovsky, The ring [this is my late uncle, lyrics by early Brodsky]

Viktor Berkovsky, Grenada [see lyrics by Mikhail Svetlov; a couple of (important) verses are omitted in the song]

Viktor Berkovsky, Oseniny [lyrics by Dmitry Sukharev]

Viktor Berkovsky, Vot i leto proshlo [lyrics by Arsenij Tarkovsky; also featuring in the film Stalker]

Viktor Berkovsky, Ya nadenu kolco [lyrics by Arsenij Tarkovsky]

Viktor Berkovsky, Tishajshij snegopad [lyrics by Alexander Mezhirov] 

Viktor Berkovsky, Kontrabandisty [lyrics by Eduard Bagritsky]

Viktor Berkovsky, Mark Shagal [lyrics by Robert Rozhdestvensky]

Barry sisters, Farges mikh nit [Abraham Ellstein, Jacob Jacobs]

Barry sisters, Abi gezunt [Abraham Ellstein, Molly Picon]

Barry sisters, Vi ahin zol ikh geyn [S. Korn-Tuer, O. Strock]