What is Scratch?  Scratch is that it hooks the kids with it's ability to modify and create computer games. It encourages sequential maths nerds to become creative and creative artists to value maths and physics. And it's fun. Using it is like building models with Lego! Dave Housell

Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create interactive art, stories, simulations, and games – and share those creations online.

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In response to this growing community of educators working with Scratch, we at MIT developed ScratchEd

What is ScratchEd? ScratchEd is a new online community where Scratch educators share stories, exchange resources, ask questions, and find people.

A wide variety of educators have been supporting other Scratch creators, in both formal and informal learning environments:

* a teacher who wants to share stories about Scratch and cross-curricular integration;

* a researcher who wants feedback on materials developed for exploring Scratch as participatory literacy;

* a parent who wants advice on how to introduce Scratch at a local all-girls high school;

* a museum program director who wants to connect with other museums who have introduced Scratch.

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1. Introduction to Programming

Contributed by: Amanda Wilson, February 22, 2011

A set of 7 scratch lessons to introduce 8 year old children to programming concepts in class.

These 7 lessons were developed as part of my honours project which looked at teaching 8 year olds about computer programming concepts, while being
based around the school curriculum.   In Scotland the Curriculum for Excellence is now in place and these lessons aim to cover some of the
experiences and outcomes of this. If you need any help at all please get in touch with me I will only be too happy to help you:

Content Types: Assessment and Evaluation, Lessons Plans

Ages: 7-9
--2. Getting Started Guide

Submitted: by Karen Brennan, Original Author: Natalie Rusk
Ages: Any   Curricular Areas: Any    Content Types: Activities and Projects    Keywords: beginner

The Getting Started Guide helps you create a first interactive project with Scratch.

It introduces Scratch through the development of a project by adding:

graphic effects

  shared by Stephen

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