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                                                                                       from Kim Rooney 

Assessment Resource Centre K-6  

 Provides samples and activities for each stage:

Early Stage 1 English

Kinder Mathematics

Kindergarten Foundation Statement

Stage 1 English

Stage 1 Maths

Stage 1 Foundation Statements

Stage 2 English

Stage 2 Maths

Stage 2 Science and Technology

Stage 2 HSIE

Stage 2 Creative and Performing Arts

Stage 2 PDHPE

Stage 2 Foundation Statements

Stage 3 English

Stage 3 Maths

Stage 3 Science and Technology

Stage 3 HSIE

Stage 3 Creative and Performing Arts

Stage 3 PDHPE

Stage 3 Foundation Statement

bullet Creative Arts
bullet English
bullet HSIE
bullet Languages
bullet Mathematics
bullet PDHPE
bullet Science & Technology
bullet Non KLA specific

Online resources for Assessment

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Rubrics are one form of assessment 

                                     that teachers may use for both formative and summative purposes. 

Assessment and Rubric Building Information

Rubric Builder  - Build your own rubrics online

Rubric Builder - another great online rubrics builder

Rubric Star - another great rubric builder

 Understanding Rubrics

Book Talk Rubric

Oral presentation plus quality information