Videos of the boys

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Ooh, some "talkies!" Many of them are dark, because I used my digital camera, but they're still fun!

Kieran and Meagan went ice skating with Papa and Nana. I've got a feeling we'll go back!! (Jan 2008)

He's saying "I [??] the road and the the the this way Woody and Buzz Lightyear and Jessi and Bullseye and go way way in the air and I can get Bullseye and Buzz." He loves going fast on the scooter Masi got him for Christmas. (January 2008)

Here you can watch Connery's little walk and hear Kieran pretend to get trapped by the rope but break free and shout To Infinity and Beyond! (January 2008)

Connery says "I did it!" and "I love you." (Nov. 23, 2007)

The boys dancing...I hate that it's so dark! (October 2007)

The boys fighting ;) This is often how the fun time ends. And usually Connery's the one who hurts Kieran!      (October 2007)