Kieran and Connery

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 February 2008--Kieran 3 years, Connery 19 months

So here are some highlights.  Sorry that they’re pretty random…it’s like Cliff’s Notes for the month! 

Kieran likes to draw and has learned to draw people and horses.  People look like big round shapes with two straight lines coming out the bottom for legs.  Sometimes the lines have two circles at the bottom.  He always draws big eyes on the body, too.  For horses, the big circle has four legs, of course, and always a lot of scribbles on the end, because it has “a weally fuffy tail.”

Kieran and Amy were watching America’s Funniest Videos (which Amy LOVES!) and saw a ridiculous montage of men getting waxed.  Kieran thought it was hysterical!  When the commercial came on, he lifted his shirt and said, “Those big boys had tags on them chest…and they pulled their tags off, and I’m a big boy…but I don’t have a tag!”

It’s funny the way things come back in style every 20 years…like his Daddy, Kieran loves the Transformers!  Sandy watched the movie with him, so now he likes “robots.”  And KellyMasi’s friend Nick gave him a police car transformer that he LOVES…I’ll just be glad when he can figure out how to change it back and forth HIMSELF. 

Amy and the boys went to Masi’s in Atlanta at the end of the month. Kieran asked “Are we there yet?” only three times, but the first time was when we were still in Huntsville.  Thankfully, Papa and Nana gave the boys a dvd player for the car at Christmas, so Happy Feet and Racing Stripes kept them satisfied during the drive.  Once we got there, they had fun exploring Kelly’s house, but Connery had a phobia of the floor furnace.  He wouldn’t walk over it and would stand at one end and cry for us to carry him.  Kelly’s friend Nick said he must think, “It’s the gates of Hell!”

Amy and the boys went to the Georgia Aquarium...but it wasn't as much fun as we hoped.  It could've  been because the maps were in Spanish, it was really expensive, there were FAR too many people there, and we only got to see three of the five exhibits...and apparently the other two exhibits are the most impressive.  They did get to pet a starfish, though, and see a couple of sea lions barking and snapping at each other.  

Amy got to meet JennBeth and Artie's new baby Ellie...who is absolutely precious!  I could have cuddled with her for days.  I'm looking forward to the boys meeting her in a couple of months. 

Kieran impresses us all the time with what he knows.  He can count to 25 but usually skips 15, 17 and 21.  And sometimes he hears a word and tells us about the sound it starts with.  Like one day he heard “kangaroo” and said “kangaroo is like Kieran.  It gots a kuh in it.”  Another day, he said he had a friend named Cole and said, “Cole has a thing like Connery.  Cole and Connery gots the same sounds.”

He uses grown up phrases like “That’s cool.”  And we must say “I don’t believe…” a lot (as in I don’t believe I forgot to call her”).  (Sandy says it’s Amy…)  One day, the sun was bright, and Kieran was squinting.  He said, “I don’t believe my sunglasses.”

He was sick for a couple of days and just laid around.  He was pretty pitiful, just wanting to snuggle on the sofa.  When he was well enough to go back to school, Sandy asked, “Kieran you’re not sick anymore, so you know where you can go tomorrow?”  Kieran got excited and said, “The Mall?”  The next morning when we asked, he said the same thing.  Who knew how much he loved it?? 

Connery’s learning eyes, nose, mouth, etc.  When we ask where his eyes are, he flutters his eyes, and he puckers his mouth when we ask about it.  Sometimes he kisses us unexpectedly, pulling his pacifier out long enough to reach in for a quick peck, then popping it right back in.

Connery watches Kieran’s every move, which gets him in trouble sometimes.  Once at RitaBa’s, Kieran got in trouble for kicking a cabinet door that wouldn’t stay closed.  Finally Kieran stopped, but immediately after, Connery walked over and started doing the exact same thing…even after he saw Kieran get in trouble for it!  We think he’s going to get hurt more than Kieran because he tries to do the same things as his big brother.  Climbing the furniture, running through the house, walking upstairs, jumping off the bed—aaack!!

He’s slept a lot this month…must be going through a growth spurt.  One night he slept for 14 hours!!  It almost scares us.  Then he wakes up in a great mood.  Usually he lays in bed and jabbers.  We’re pretty spoiled, I must admit.

Kieran speak
brushteeth—tooth brush                                                                                                                      It’s wake UP time—emphasis on the “up,” not the “wake”                                                  Dissa—different                                                                                                                              Soy—sword                                                                                                                          Saddow—shadow, but he thinks Peter Pan’s “shadow” is his dagger                                Blankie—Bentley, Ba and PaGaga’s Yorkshire Terrier                                                           Stuffs—as in “Look at these stuffs on the floor!”

Connery speak
Bo—open AND ball  (Sometimes open is “oboe”)                                                              Do—door                                                          UP, dow, UP, dow ;)                                                  Ah mee—hold me                                           Mi-Mee—Spiderman                                           Ess—fish                                                             Ya-yo—Hello
Assa?—He whispers it with urgency as if to say, “Where is he?” or “What’s that?”     Dee—cheese (but when he “cheeses” for a picture, he says, “nnnnnnnn” and smiles)

Connery’s signs

Good night           Grapes                Eat                               More                          Please                Milk                         Cracker            Cheese                        Banana                        Baby                           Drink                       Dirty                 Hat                              Fish                             Dog                           Cat                           Ball                     Shoes                      Socks                                                                Daddy                         Momma (but it usually looks like daddy)                                               Bird—but he doesn’t do it by his nose.  He just pinches his finger and thumb together mid-air I love you-but it looks like he’s showing the number 4

And finally, a story Kieran told Amy one morning…                                                                        “I have some stories.  It’s about me and you.  After I was born and I was bigger and Connery was not, Connery was bigger, too.  And I was the mommy and you were the baby, and Connery was the, I was Connery.  And I have lots of stories, because I’m still thirsty.” 


Connery's haircut!!




We started the year busy, busy, busy!  Kieran celebrated his third birthday, and Connery had an extreme makeover.  Here are some highlights and trivia-worthy moments:

Kieran sleeps all night in UNDERWEAR!!  Okay, about once every couple of weeks he pees the bed, but when he does, he doesn’t wake up.  We just notice it the next morning.  He’s proud that he wears “big boy underwear all by myself.” (Actually, “myself” sounds like “my-THAY-lf.”) 

Kieran and Sandy play a fun game called…“Math.”  Sandy will ask him simple addition holding up his fingers, and Kieran usually gets the answers right.  That’s what happens when your dad’s a physicist, I guess.

As you may notice in pictures, we let the boys play with guns, so we are trying to teach a little gun responsibility to go along with the orange-capped revolvers.  We ask Kieran, “Whose guns are you allowed to play with?”   “Just mine.”

“Anybody else’s?”                                          “No.  Just my guns.”

“Where do you shoot?”                               “At the feet and legs.”

We respect that some people have issues with their children playing with guns, but he loves The Lone Ranger so much that it just sort of happened, and we tend to take the stance that he won’t know how to use a gun wisely if he comes across one, unless we teach him in a safe way.  At least that’s our stance for now.

He likes to watch Buzz Lightyear and the Lone Ranger and mimics their every move, whether Buzz is jumping into the air, or landing on one knee to shoot Zurg, or The Lone Ranger is riding Silver really fast, or climbing rocks, or hiding behind bushes….Kieran does it all.  He watches the show…and we watch him!

A friend said that from the pictures, Kieran looks like a mild-mannered kid.  And really he is.  He is three, remember, so he does stand in the corner for his fair share of time, but he also tells us out of the blue, “Thank you for dinner, Daddy,” or “I help Connery.”   And he gets onto US for saying “stupid.”  He calls it using “stupid words.”

Like most 3-year-olds, he surprises us with the funny things he says.  One night, he showed Amy a little nozzle that fits on a water hose but looks like a firehose, and said, “That my seer thing, my shooter thing and my singer thing”—his telescope, his gun and his microphone.  Another time, he looked at RitaBa and said, “I like your face, Ba.” 

He likes to pretend that he has things in his hand.  “Look, Mommy.  What’s this?”  “I don’t know.  What is it?”  “It’s my Buzz Lightyear gun”  or “It’s a ‘pize’ I got from my school.” 

At school, the teachers put a list on the wall of the answers the kids gave when they asked “What makes you special?”  Kieran’s answer:  “Because I have something in my pocket.”  (Another of our favorites was the kid who said, “Because I have new hands.”)

He answers with “Yep.” and “Nope.” And if we ask him if he knows something, like “Kieran, do you know who we’re going to see today?”  He always says, “Yep.”  And when we ask him, “Who?”  He smiles and says, “I don’t know.”

            “To Infini-THREE and Beyond!”  That’s what Kieran’s invitations said, because he’s all Buzz, all the time!  He turned three this month, and we celebrated with two big cookie cakes at his school the day of.  He has some really wonderful teachers, and one of them brought him to the rocking chair and they all sang Happy Birthday.  Then he picked two friends to sit by him…and of course Madeline was one of them.  (Remember, they got married?)  That night, we went to a UAH hockey game and sat right by the glass (thanks to our connection Mike—Philip’s dad!).  It was Kieran’s first hockey game, and he loved it.  He said his favorite part was when “them big boys” smashed into the glass!  He got to meet Charger Blue, the mascot, Amy got to ride the Zamboni while it cleared the ice between periods, and the announcer wished Kieran a Happy Third Birthday—so it was a pretty eventful night.  Still, Kieran was disappointed when we got to the car that he didn’t get to skate.  I guess we didn’t explain that to him very well. The next day, we had a Buzz Lightyear party at the house with family and Steph, Caleb and the boys. 

Connery’s haircut was a real celebration.  It’s a very symbolic and important ceremony in the Indian tradition, as significant as a wedding.  We’ve heard several explanations—that it represents a shedding of past lives, that it marks the journey from infancy to childhood—but the explanation that Amy likes best is that it’s a ceremony to give thanks for the son living long enough to even get a haircut.  Traditionally, families wait at least one year before the haircut and are supposed to perform it during an odd year.  We decided to have Connery’s at this age, just because it’s the same age Kieran was when we had his first haircut.  For Kieran’s, we were going to India to take Sandy’s father’s ashes back, and his mother wanted to have his haircut during the same trip.  Sandy was about three when he had his haircut, and his brother Nitesh was seven!  Kieran, Sandy, and Nitesh all had their first haircuts at the same temple where Sandy’s father had his! 

When Kieran had his hair cut in India, it was pretty traumatic.  He cried the entire time—and Amy did for much of it, too.  It was hot, and Sandy (then his cousin Sunil) had to keep Kieran so still because the barber used a straight edged razor.  Connery’s was a lot less stressful.  He laughed and smiled the entire time.  We gathered friends and family at the Hindu Cultural Center of North Alabama where we first had “puja” or prayers upstairs, then went downstairs for the actual haircut.  We asked Sabrina, a long-time family friend, to perform the haircut, but Sandy got to make the first cut.  Then Kieran and Amy made the next cuts before Ted (PaGaga), Caleb and several of the men took turns.  We felt honored to have so many “uncles” around.  Traditionally, the son’s foi’s (father’s sisters) catch the hair in their saris.  Sandy’s sister couldn’t be there, so Amy’s sister held her sari under Connery.  IndiraBa invited any of the girls around to catch some of the curls, so several of them lined up to help.  Our little buddy Nathan wanted to catch some, too, so of course, we let him.  As Indira said, “Do you think I was going to tell him no???”  Then Sabrina cut the remaining curls (and gave him a few kisses—the barber in India didn’t do that for Kieran).  Once the curls were gone, Sabrina took out the clippers and cut the hair almost to the scalp.  Connery wasn’t fazed a bit—he laughed and jabbered and gnawed on his pacifier. 

Sandy held him up when it was all over, and we all cheered.   Traditionally, the child’s mother’s brother gives him a new outfit.  Since Amy doesn’t have any brothers, her long-time friend (since 7th grade) Mike Kahalley presented the new outfit.  KellyMasi helped us give him a quick bath and Mike helped dress him.   Then we went back upstairs for more prayers.  A friend said that Connery knew the day was all about him, because he was really showing off.  He looked over Amy and Sandy’s shoulders at everyone behind and jabbered at them.  He was pretty entertaining.  Sandy’s mom gave Sandy, Connery and Kieran matching gold necklaces of the goddess Ambaji. The last thing we did was get blessings from our mothers by bowing down and touching their feet.  They give us their blessings by placing their hands on the top of our heads.

After the last prayers, we went to the ballroom of a local hotel to celebrate.  We enjoyed a really good Indian meal and watched Connery walk all around like he was showing off his new look.  We felt a lot like we did at our wedding…honored to be surrounded by so many of our family and friends.  It was a wonderful reminder of how lucky we are.

We enjoyed the next couple of days with IndiraBa and Mrs. Thelma, her neighbor, and a sort of fourth grandma ;)  We kept Connery's head covered with a hat most of the time, because it turns out that we shaved his head on the coldest weekend all winter!

Connery’s learning eyes, nose, ears, and hair, which is ironic now that he has none.  Every now and then, we ask where his hair is and he reaches for his head and holds his hands out as if to say, “Where’d it go?” 

The weekend after the haircut, the boys went ice skating for the first time with Papa and Nana.  (Check out the video!) Kieran and Meagan really impressed us with how easily they stayed upright…most of the time.  But they loved falling as much as skating!  They definitely want to go back.  Another first that weekend—when they stayed at Papa and Nana’s that night, Meagan stayed over, too!  Somehow Meagan simply decided earlier that day that she was staying the night with Kieran, and that’s exactly what happened.  Kieran went to sleep fast, but Meagan got up several times.  Pat says she couldn’t believe Kieran slept through it all.  The next morning, Kieran told Papa that he “had a good nap.”   


Beh—bear  He signs it, too.                            Bo—blow…but sometimes it means “open”          I dopp--I drop                                                   Ehma—Mrs. Thelma

Numma numma tub—Yummy Yummy in my Tummy


You not feeling better.—instead of “You’re feeling sick.”

Panpake--pancake                                            Lofclof--washcloth


December 07--Kieran almost 3, Connery 17 months

Like everyone, we’ve had a busy December.  Especially because the boys seem to get more and more active…and more and more fun.  We bought some posable elves which have been a lot of fun.  They “play tricks around the house.”  The first night they turned the boys’ Cars table and chairs over.  Kieran almost looked like he was disturbed, and he even said, “Ba would be very upset.”  But Amy tried to keep the situation light by calling the elves “silly.”  Now Kieran just shakes his head and tells about the trouble the silly elves get into.  Since then, the elves have pulled toilet paper around the living room, climbed to the top of the Christmas tree, jumped into the Christmas stockings and ridden the rocking horse at Ba’s house. 

One night on the way home, Kieran noticed a house lit up for the holidays.  He laughed and said, “Mommy.  Look at that silly house!”  So now that’s what we call them.  “Silly houses.”  He’ll comment when a house has “lots of sillies,” and when our house isn’t “silly yet” when we come home. 

We had fun decorating the tree and put together a cowboy tree in their room.  They like us to keep the lights on at night as they go to sleep.   Kieran thinks it “glows in a dark.”

Kieran did great at his school’s holiday program.  His class sang Jingle Bells, and a new version of Feliz Navidad.  He’s funny to watch with everyone because he’s the only one who watches the other children every now and then and always claps afterwards.  Connery’s class sang and danced, but he just climbed on me, so I didn’t get much video…

They both sat on Santa’s lap!  Connery didn’t want to let Amy go at first, but someone distracted him with stuffed animal.  He never smiled, but he didn’t fight it.  As we left, Kieran told Santa that he would leave carrots for the reindeer!  (Much less traumatic than last year.  Connery was fine, but Kieran wouldn’t even sit on Amy’s lap when SHE sat on Santa’s!)

News alert—Connery has REALLY started walking!!  One weekend in October and another in November, he would walk when we coaxed him, but he wouldn’t do it any other time.  Now he walks on his own.  It’s still very exciting…his teacher at school said she almost cried!  Sometimes he still holds his hands out to us like we used to do when we tried to coax him to us… and claps right before he gets to us!

We caught Kieran in a lie.  Amy noticed he was really quiet, then saw him eating a Tootsie Roll.  She asked if he asked Daddy, and he said Yes.  She asked him several different ways, and he always said, Yes.  She walked out and asked Sandy.   And of course, he said No.  They both went back inside, but Sandy stood out of Kieran’s sight.  Amy asked one more time.  Same answer.  Sandy stepped into sight, and you should have seen the look on Kieran’s face when he saw him.  THAT’s when we knew that he was guilty and not just mixed up. 

One day, told Amy, “Madeline and me got married yesterday.”  We don’t know where he got that idea, but he’s told us about it several times.  

Scout visited us for Christmas, and one morning, Kieran said he was going to sleep with him on the floor.  Of course, when Kieran lay next to him and started arranging his blanket, Scout got up.  Kieran said, "It's okay, Scout. I not a monster.  I just a kid.  I just a space ranger."

Connery holds out his finger for us to kiss when he gets hurt and will point to his head and push it towards us if he bumps it.  Usually, though, he’s the one hurting us.  Don’t get me wrong.  He’s such a sweet boy…but he will hit you in the face without any warning and will hit you even harder when you get on to him.  The other day, he wanted something from Kieran, so he picked up a lunch box and hit him with it!

We’ve had lots of Christmas parties and family visits and holiday programs at daycare and shopping and baking cookies for Santa…  We drove to Birmingham to visit Amy’s stepsisters and their families, and it was the first time they had seen Connery.  Amy’s nephew Joshua, who’s 8 ½, took one look at Connery’s hair and said, “Like Rock n Roll.”  The boys had a good time playing together, and it was sweet to see Connery and Zachary, who are just about 6 months apart. 

Amy and the boys baked cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, and Kieran wrote him a note to leave with the cookies and carrots.  The next morning, we found a note that SANTA left!  He told us that the reindeer loved the carrots and that he took the silly elves back to the North Pole with him and that he hoped they didn’t cause too much trouble.  Now Kieran thinks that Santa took the elves and the reindeer ate them!  He told RitaBa that he was going to fly up there in his Buzz Lightyear costume and get them!

The boys loaded up this Christmas…

Some of the gifts for Kieran: a guitar, Buzz Lightyear costume, digital camera (He’s taken lots of cute pictures), lots of books, new cowboy boots, a Jack Sparrow costume, remote control somersault car, Lone ranger lunch box, Happy Feet DVD, magnetic learn-to-write pad, a great little Radio Flyer 1st scooter, a backpack with wings that pop out, and of course, Woody doll with a string!  (He told Papa and Nana that Woody was his favorite toy.)

Some of the gifts for Connery: a Busy Ball Popper (which they both love to play with), two little trucks with handles and animals to cart around, a little Talking Driver (It looks like part of a driving school simulator!), crackers, a baby laptop, Sports Center baby basketball goal, baby tee ball set and football kicker, a VERY cute monkey (Amy loves it!), cowboy boots, and a ride-along truck. 

And they got matching camouflage outfits, Hopkins shirts (from Signing Time), holsters with guns, and lap desks with holders for markers and paper.



I not feeling better—instead of I feel sick

I didn’t get a good nap.

My cat is sad.  Him wants my Ba.—Then he pointed to a picture of IndiraBa.  He knows that the cat loves her.

Look what my got!—He said this a lot at Christmas.

Ess is it?—Where is it?

I’m this big and a half!

There you ah-ee!—There you are!               

Rudolph the Reindeer Nose--instead of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

One night, Connery was testing Amy’s patience, and she said, “Connery, I swear!”  Kieran said, “I faya!  I faya, too!  Connery faya me and you, right Mommy?”

 Connery signs:   Bear, baby, daddy, momma, banana, down, eat, please, more, car, cold, milk, all gone, let's go, and he tries to sign "I love you" by holding up his hand and bending fingers at random. ;)

Now we add a new section to the update…ConnerySpeak!!   He’s started saying more words that are recognizable.  Here’s the first installment:

Memo—Elmo                       Beebee—Baby                   Eee-yi--Eli 

Uh-oh Deh-oh—Uh-oh spaghetti`o        Oppie—apple                

Mine        Up        No (Those are VERY clear ;)          Bubby--Brother

Momma—Sometimes he and Amy play “Momma!”  “Connery!”  “Momma!”  “Connery!”…

 November 2007--Kieran 2 1/2, Connery 15 months

Connery tries to say EVERYTHING!!  And he’s usually pretty good at it.  The words aren’t clear, but you can tell that he’s repeating us.  He says “I did it!” “Ah, man!” and “Uh-oh.”  We think he’ll talk early…we’ll see.

Kieran likes to help when we clean around the house.  He especially to run the dust buster to suck up little piles after we sweep.  Connery’s more into messing things up for us ;)  One day when Kieran was cleaning up, he said, “This a crappy thing.”  !!!  We asked where he had heard that, and he said that Jessi says it on “To Towy 2:  Woody Arm Boked.”  We’ll have to watch it and see.  He still loves Toy Story and wants to watch it every day.  He has a little Woody costume that he wears sometimes and looks very cute!

We had two big birthday parties this month:  PawPaw, Amy’s stepgrandfather, and Granny Pugh, Amy’s grandmother.  We had a great time visiting with family.  Kieran dressed like Woody for PawPaw’s birthday…and found that it’s a great way to pick up chicks.  A cute little girl watched him for a long time and told her grandfather that she wanted Woody to come talk to her.  So, of course, we did, and they pretended to be Buzz Lightyear together.  At Granny’s birthday, Connery danced on the table to the great bluegrass music and later at Granny’s house walked back and forth from Nana to Ba.  It was very exciting, and of course, we thought, “This is it.  There’s no stopping him now.”  And the next day he was right back to crawling!  This kid is clearly in no hurry to walk. 

Thanksgiving was wonderful, of course, and we were very excited that it would be Connery’s first Thanksgiving he could actually eat table food.  But he slept through dinner time!  He did enjoy everything when he woke up, though. 

Kieran still likes to pretend to be stuck under stuff and loves to hide under covers.  He always invites us to hide with him.  From nobody, of course. 

Some more Kieran-speak:

Damemby and balomb—To infinity and beyond!

You like that, Mommy?  (when he does something that makes us laugh)

One, two, three, foy.                                         Mapewter--computer


October 2007--Kieran 2 1/2, Connery 14 months

The boys started the month by spending the weekend with MommaBa and PaGaga, and the next couple of days with Nana and Papa while Amy and Sandy went camping and to Atlanta.  MommaBa got him a Dash costume (from The Incredibles) that he wore the entire next day!

Sometimes Kieran tries to give Amy a kiss but stops her when she puckers to kiss him, too.  He says, “I kiss you.  You no kiss me.”  He takes his hands and puts them on her lips so they don’t pucker. It’s so hard not to laugh! He LOVES Toy Story and has started his nighttime journeys to our room again.  He’s good about saying “Excuse me,” when he “bupps,” and once he said, “Excuse me.  My bottom bupped.”

Connery STILL isn’t walking!  He could if he tried, but he really has no interest.  He took LOTS of steps Monday the 22nd and really seemed to enjoy it, but would barely show Sandy later and barely showed his teachers either.  He just LIKES crawling!  And being carried! ;) He cruises along furniture and walks when you hold his hand, but as soon as you try to let him go he hits the floor. 

He fusses to use a spoon or fork.  When he starts to get full, he throws his food, of course.  Tonight, Kieran said he would help clean up.  And as he wiped the floor, he whispered, “Connery, Connery, Connery.” 

Kieran has started getting scared in his room at night.  This is how his conversation with Amy went one night. 

Kieran:  That scary to me.  (pointing to the quilt hanging over his bed.)  I sleep Daddy room.

Amy:  Are you scared of the blanket? 

Yeah.  That’s I sleep Daddy room.

It’s just a blanket, Kieran, like this blanket on your bed.  Is it because of the children on it?


Do you want me to take it down? 

Yeah.  Put it Daddy room.

I don’t think I can take it down now.  Why does it scare you, Kieran?

My friend hurt me.

Your friend?

He push me on the grom.

What’s your friend’s name?

Ryan.  He push me on the grom.  Him hurting me.  I hurting him.

What did you do?

I kicka him.  Like dis.  Kick.

What did your teachers do?

My teachers.  My teachers.  My teachers.  Mmm..  My teachers they talka me.

What did they say?

Ryan tell him sorry to me.

Did you tell him you were sorry?

No.  I no tell him I sorry.  Him push me on the grom. 

But you shouldn’t kick him. 


Tell him, “I don’t like that” and tell the teacher.

I tell the teacher.


Madeline my friend.

Yeah, she is.

Her my friend.  Buzz Lightyear my friend.  (looking at his Buzz Lightyear cup)

Yeah, and he won’t let anything hurt you. 

That not scary of me (pointing to the quilt again).

….And he lay back down and didn’t say anything more about sleeping in Daddy’s room! 

The boys are definitely acting like brothers.  Connery has started hitting and taking things, which infuriates Kieran!  It’s almost humorous, just because they’re so little.  We’re always hearing, “No, Connery!”  And “Connery pulling my shirt!”  Or “Connery taked my book!”  and his favorite, “I no like that, Connery!”  Of course, Connery’s silent through most of it, which makes it really funny.  But we put on our parent faces and never let them see us laugh over it. 

Kieran wears underwear all day now!  Woo-hoo!  He’s really good about going to the potty, even in public, and MOST of his naptimes.  He doesn’t make it through the night, yet, so he wears a pull-up then, but we’ll take care of that in time.  He’s very proud of himself, and says, “I a big boy.  I wear underwear.  Connery wear diapers.”  He still asks to call the Lone Ranger about once a week and has a few Pez dispensers that he’s opened as “pizes” when he goes #2.

They had a great time at their Fall Festival at school. It’s sweet to watch how they play with their “fee-unds.”  When little Carsyn asked a classmate if she could have a turn at the ring toss, he said, “You already had a turn.”  But Kieran gave her his piece and quietly said, “Here you go, Carthyn.”

He still loves “hortheth” and has been telling people that he’s having a cowboy birthday party a lot.  He sang Happy Trails at church one morning with a little help, and walked right onstage with Amy while she introduced Butler’s play.  It didn’t bother him a bit that there were about 150 people there and the lights were glaring on him.  He stood beside her and then started walking in circles around her while she talked.

We had so much fun trick-or treating on “Halloween Day.”  Kieran loved it and would say, "Let's go that house" right after he left one.  He was really sweet to say "Trick or Treat," and "Thank you" and right before we left each house, we asked him, "What does the Lone Ranger say?" and he came right in on cue!  Everybody got a kick out of it.  And Connery caught on really fast and would reach his hand out and fuss to get candy.  He loved reaching in the bowls to pick something out.  And he's never even had candy!!  If he only knew...

We’re afraid Kieran will want to go Trick-or treating every night!! Oh, and he was funny when other trick-or-treaters came by.  He just stopped and stared.  We think it surprised him to see other people dressed up too and going door to door getting candy.  I guess he thought that this was some idea we had JUST for him!  ;)

September 2007--Kieran 2 1/2 Connery 14 months

Connery started the month standing briefly (1-2 seconds) on his own and waving hi and bye to people.  He even says “Hi” and “Dye Dye” while he slowly waves…basically just holding his hand up, then letting it drop at the wrist.  We’ve not seen a baby wave like him.  He has also said “hat” and “uh” like he’s saying “Uh-oh.”  And he catches on to the sign language FAST.  He surprises us with how quickly he starts using a sign he’s only seen a couple of time.  He doesn’t really get the sign right, but we can tell that’s what he’s doing.  He does hat, Daddy, Momma, Good Night (sleep), more, ball and shoe (the last three look the same the way he signs them).

Kieran has started sleeping in his own bed all night.  We kind of miss his climbing into bed with us, to be honest, and hope he’ll come into our room at least once in a while.  He is a really good big brother.  When Connery cries in the car, Kieran says, “It be okye, Connery.  We almos’ home.”  One time he even started singing  Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

The month started oddly for Amy.  Sandy called her “walking bad luck,” because the first 11 days of the month, something bad happened, including when she pulled the bumper off the car by turning too sharply out of a parking spot and hit a pole; got a speeding ticket; her mom had to go to the hospital because she vomited for hours and hours and they worried that her malrotation of the g.i. tract was back.  (X-rays and CT scans came back normal, and she received 2 liters of fluid and some nausea and pain medication and was out of work for 3 days…all of which helped!); she took Kieran to the doctor for what she thought was an infected bug bite, but turned out to be a staph infection (which it turns out is VERY painful to lance—Kieran cried SO hard) and that night she and Sandy had to remove two splinters from Kieran’s hands!  The she stayed home with a bad back.  Connery woke up at 6 am vomiting (but he was fine for the rest of the day, thankfully).  Finally, the jinx seemed to be lifted, but after bed, Kieran started throwing up, too.  Then her hip started hurting because she walked funny to avoid hurting her back.  By the middle of the month, she started to wonder if it was all preparation for something even worse…and then the streak was over.  Thankfully!

Kieran almost has The Moon in My Room memorized.  It’s the greatest book…the moon’s face lights up like a nightlight!  Kieran keeps it leaned against the rail of his bed and presses it back on every time it shuts down on its own.  (It’s my new “new baby” gift for everyone I know!)  He doesn't kiss by sticking his tongue through his lips to make the smacking sound.  He kisses with a real pucker now...which makes us kind of sad.

The 21st Carr Reunion was amazing again.  Last year Connery was only a month old, so he really wowed everyone this year.  And Kieran put on quite a show..literally!  He got up and sang Happy Trails to You during karaoke and wanted Amy to hold him while she sang songs, too.  In fact, he once interrupted her to tell her to sing “In-crabbles song”  (Incredibles) and then burst into tears when she said she didn’t know it.  Anybody know what song he’s talking about ??  It was wonderful to see everyone again.  Words just can’t really describe it.  Some people dread their family reunions…but that’s because their reunion isn’t like this.  And their family isn’t either!  We now have a website to post pictures.  See The Carr Family Love for yourself!!  ;)

While we were in TN for the reunion, we visited with Amy’s Mom’s family, which is always great.  The day before, when Amy mentioned it and said that Kieran would be able to see Ethan, the first thing Kieran said was, “Him have funny dance” because he remembered a dance that Ethan did for us last time!

We really enjoyed our first Optical Science Corporation picnic--who wouldn't??  We already knew some of the people before Sandy started working there and have made some new friends too.  Kieran tried the water slide but not from the top!

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, so we gathered a bunch of folks to eat at Chili's on the day it donated ALL of their profits to St. Jude's!!          Please remember Evan Thomason, our little buddy who is being treated for Stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma.

Kieran talk:

Floop yoots—fruit loops                    Fish stinks—Fish sticks                                  Momma, I talka you.  About horses.        happopahnus—hippopotamus             Dirly in a potty--#2…       Mommy prilly—His reaction to Amy’s new haircut

August 2007--Kieran 2 years, Connery 1 YEAR OLD!!

Since Amy started back to school, so did the boys.  They moved up to their next classrooms…with the big kids.  Most of the kids in Connery’s toddler class are already walking, and the kids in Kieran’s class his first week were ready to move up to Kindergarten!!  We were impressed by how good the kids were with him, though, and it helped that Mamaline (Madeline) was already in there.  She immediately called him over to sit by her and looked after him like a little momma.  And she’s just two weeks older! 

Connery opens and closes his hands like wants to grab something if he wants it and has started pulling up on furniture and balances pretty well when you hold his hands.  He pretends to sneeze and has a great dance…actually moves his upper body side to side and turns at the waist like you do in aerobics!  He wants to talk SO bad.  He points and jabbers and is very expressive.  Sometimes when he drops something he says, “Uh,” like he’s trying to say “Uh-oh,” and another day, he said, “At” and signed “Hat.”  We haven’t done much sign language with him, so it might be a coincidence, but it’s still very cool.

Every now and then, when Sandy comes home, Amy says, “Hey, Daddy-o!”  Well, now Kieran has started calling us both Daddy-o and Mommy-o!  The sweetest thing, though, is that Sandy says, “You’re my best friend,” and one day, Kieran said, “I ruv you, Daddy.  Forever.”

Connery’s party was so much fun.  We had a LOT of kids in the house, but they all got along great.  Connery dug into his cake, which is always fun, and he got lots of cute toys, a Cracker Barrel rocking chair like Kieran’s, some sweet books, a couple of outfits and a Pirate bag with his name embroidered on it.  Kieran still thinks some of them are really his, but he’s pretty good to share, so it works out.   

Potty training is going pretty well.  He wears underwear during the day, although he sometimes has accidents, mostly with #2.   He did start wearing underwear all day and pooped on the potty on Kelly’s birthday!  (What a great gift, huh?)  He proudly called Amy one day to tell her he “went dirly dirly on the potty and fwushed it away.” 

Kieran’s favorite shoes are his boots and he likes his new sheriff badge, too.  Even with shorts.  He pretends with his toys, feeding his rocking horse or putting a toy in the corner because it’s not listening.  One day Buzz and Woody argued “No can’t fly.”  “Yes, I can fly.”  Kieran loves Toy Story (tah tahwy) and would watch it every day if we let him.

One night, I asked Kieran to say all the names at the end of our prayers, and after he named all the family members, he added Beeky (Bentley), Gryphon, Sweets, some friends from school, Knotts (one of his teachers), the big big horsey and Buzz Lightyear.  ;)

Kieran has his share of tantrums but nothing we can’t handle.  The funniest comeback was one night while Amy was explaining why he was in trouble, what he did, what the consequences were….and he said, “I no wanna talk about it!”  

He likes to sing “Happy trails to you…” and Sandy taught him to sing “The Sun’ll come out Tomorrow!”  In fact, when we sang Happy Birthday to Connery, Kieran sang, “Happy Trails to you!” 

Lasaday—yesterday      Nah mon—another one         Massin—medicine                        I tant see well. (Wow!  Correct grammar!)        Haccot—haircut      Shoop—shoot      Pissess ilona—princess Fiona        Dooey—door               mooey—more              Tuh-now (When he wants it now, not tomorrow!) 

July 2007--Kieran 2 years, Connery 11 months

Connery spontaneously shakes his head no--Sandy thinks because he makes himself dizzy.  We laugh at him, so of course he does it again!  He’s a loving little brother and follows Kieran around the house.  It’s cute to hear his little slaps as he crawls into each room.  It’s hard to believe he will be a year old in a month!  He’s our BABY! 

Kieran wears hats backwards and says, “I Totto” (Tonto) and then swings it around forwards and says, “I Rah Raja.” (The Lone Ranger)  I guess it’s because Tonto has that string that runs across his forehead.  He also started pulling his shirt up to cover his mouth and nose and says, “I bug eye”  (I bad guy.)  Now he has a bandana that he uses, so he’s authentic!  One night when he tried to sleep, he asked Amy to sing about cowboys.  All she could think of was "Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys," so she sang it over and over, but  it satisfied him.

Potty training.  That’s the theme of the month.  We have pull-ups and regular little (TINY) underwear, but sometimes he just wants to wear the diapers.  Amy tries to put him on the potty every 15 minutes, hoping to “catch” him at the right time, but so far, nothing’s happened.  We do let him go around the house in the underwear so we know when he pees or poops.  And we made a poster where he can put stickers when he goes ON the potty.  We’ll keep you posted ;p

We’ve had a few struggles with getting him to eat vegetables.  We finally got him to eat 2 greenbeans, and 1 “little tree” by threatening that he would not get dessert or any more bread.  But he made grossed out faces the entire time.

Yes, he’s two:  He’s started saying, “Stop it!” when he’s getting punished and cries, “I nah tired!” when we try to put him to bed.  We’re still impressed, though, at what a good little boy he is.  He RARELY has tantrums or disobeys.  We’re lucky…but we forget all that when we’re having to drag him to the corner.

The boys are officially roommates!  Kieran had been sleeping in the crib that we had converted into a toddler bed, and Connery had been sleeping in a mini pack-n-play in our room since he was born.  For our anniversary, Sandy and I did some exciting stuff like clean the house and rearrange the boys’ room.  We moved another little toddler bed in and put the front back on the crib so they could both sleep in there.  We made a big presentation of it for them, and Kieran kept asking “Connoowy fweep das bed?   Tehwan fweep DAS bed?”  I worried that they would wake each other up when they cried, but so far that hasn’t happened.  It makes bedtime MUCH easier. 

Kieran can count to ten on his own, knows all his colors, a lot of letters and chunks of the alphabet.  He gets excited when he sees writing out in public and shouts, “ABC’s!”  He picks out the K’s and says, “K Tehwan.”  He knows that Connery starts with a C, but thinks sea horse starts with a C, too.  Get it?  C-horse?  Sandy will sing the ABC song and stop on some letters; Kieran fills in the blanks on a lot of them. 

We went “fwimming” on July 4, and both boys didn’t want to get out of the water!  Kieran wore his swimmies and let Amy let go of him some so that he was floating on his own.  He stayed in the water so long that his fingers were shriveled and his lips were purple, but he kept insisting, “I nah cold!” even while his lip shivered!

At the end of the month, we took a family vacation to Chattanooga and LOVED the Aquarium.  The first exhibit was the seahorses where Kieran noticed one and said, “Him need a saddle.”  Connery was fascinated by all the movement but cried once when a large stingray swam up right in front of him!  Kieran signed “penguin” (very cute!) and actually touched a small shark.  We stayed the night at Pam and Danny’s (Amy’s dad’s cousin and her husband) and the next day went to Pam’s brother James’ house.  His wife Kim has been riding horses since she was 10, and they had FOUR horses…and let Kieran and Connery sit on one!!!  It was incredibly exciting for Kieran, but he played it cool…like he was born to do it!  Then we went to another cousin Mike and Beverly’s to swim and eat amazing food.  Before we left, the boys sat on Mike’s Harley!!  They’re such cool boys! 

From there, Sandy drove back home so he could work, and Amy and the boys drove to Crossville to visit with the family.  We got to spend a lot of time with the grandmothers and play with the cousins, too.  It’s always great to see everyone again and watch how fast the kids grow. 

Kieran has started potty training, and so far can actually tell us when he needs to go.  We had been trying for a while, and the deciding factor was when we found out that the Lone Ranger would call when he peed on the potty!!  (Thanks, Uncle Mike!!)  The first time Kieran peed, he watched and then looked up and immediately said, “I call Lone Ranger?”  We had to leave him a message, but he called back and told Kieran how proud he and Tonto were.  We’ve talked to him a few times since then.  ;) 

Some Kieran talk...
I fweep a momma?    I sow you supping        Finn’s my buhlly (buddy) Ehmogas—animals      Reba—zebra      Effant—elephant      wayno—rhino Happonomus—hippopotamus     En Sukamaker—Evan Shumaker (a friend)     My weeow bruh’s name Connoowy. 


  June 2007--Kieran 2 years, Connery 10 months

They're growing too this month's update is going to seem random.  Here goes...we think Connery is like a weeble-wobble sometimes.  Kieran knocks him back, but he pops right back up!  Right now the house is baby proof, but not Connery proof!  He gets into more stuff and puts stuff in his mouth…leaves, coins, anything!  Other than that, he’s such an EASY baby, until you try to change his diaper or put him in his carseat!

He does a funny little head jerk like he’s sneezing, but I’m not sure where he gets it.  It makes us laugh, though, so he does it over and over.  He’s moved into 6-12 month clothes, but he’s so long that he’s almost out of them already.  Every now and then, he does the little “cripple crawl” that Kieran always did—using his right knee and his left foot to crawl.

Kieran’s started reverting a little bit and says, “I baby.”  He’ll lay back in our arms, or pick up Connery’s bottle, or repeat Connery’s baby talk.  He’s not ugly about it, though.  It’s almost like he’s just asking for reassurance.  So far he usually shares easily with Connery.  He doesn’t hesitate to take something from him and say “mines” but will usually give it back when we tell him to.  But sharing with Finn is a different story!  They fight over everything!!!  It’s like they’re the real brothers!

He’s learned to open the fridge and brought the milk jug to me one morning.  And he’s learned that he can climb by opening drawers and standing in them!! He thinks a bandaid fixes everything and would be covered in bandaids if it were up to him.  He’s very dramatic and pretends to get stuck (“guck”) under pillows or just in the middle of the floor.  He really keeps a straight face!

He has learned some Spanish, but when we try to count, he just shouts “Cinco, cinco, cinco!!”  He loves watching Shrek (“Sak”) and the Black Stallion (“Back Tayon”)  in addition to his regular repertoire of westerns ;)  He gets excited when he’s done something and shouts, “I did it!” but dramatically says, “I tet do it!” when something’s not working.And he’s good to tell himself (and us, too) “Be kefful.” 

For Father’s Day, Amy was at the beach with her girlfriends, so Sandy had the boys all to himself.  Sandy and the boys went to the Jazz in June Festival, played in the Spiderman pool in the backyard and ate ice cream! 

Signs Kieran still uses

Horse            train             cared/scary          donkey                  more

The Kieran Dictionary

Kehwan Tow—Kieran Patel!!                    Meggit—music          fulla—finger 
Cockle nolla—Chronicles of Narnia           cockadolla--crocodile                fweep—sleep        I no yike it—I don’t like it            My hie dilly—My hands are dirty.
Meenom—Nemo           I gah-yoo—I got you!             Yowd--Loud                          Allis and yeeyah—Alex and Leah from Signing time             tie-pillah—caterpillar Suttaman--Superman    
Yooka my found—Look what I found      [Sometimes he uses “my” instead of I or me, like “My, too!” or “My hunny too” (“I’m hungry, too.”] 

May2007--Kieran 2 years, Connery 9 months
The boys' school hosted a Trike-a-thon to raise money for St. Jude's at the beginning of May, and we had such a great time.  Connery rode in the Bye-Bye-Buggy, and Kieran rode his tricycle around and around and around.  He doesn't know how to pedal so he leans forward and runs really fast.  

Connery has 5 teeth now and his hair is just long enough that it can get messed up and curls out a little in the back.  He started crawling!   At first, he would get on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth.  Then he buried his head in the floor and lifted up on his feet.  He couldn't figure it out and usually wound up moving like an inchworm, taking a windy path to get anywhere.  The last week of the month, though, he started actually crawling.   It was amazing to see how much better he got at it each day.  Now he gets anywhere he wants and even pulls up to his knees on furniture.  He looks like a little old man most of the time, because he holds his chin out and puts his bottom lip over his top one.  Kieran did just the opposite--he kept his bottom lip tucked in all the time.

He pays peekaboo (though sometimes he's really covering his cheeks ;) and CRACKs up at the littlest things, especially when Kieran is acting wild. 

We had a dedication for him at Amy's dad's church on Mother's Day.  The pastor dedicated two babies, one sweet little baby girl, and cute little LOUD Connery!  He climbed on us and squealed and looked sweetly up at the pastor.  The pastor called him Conner during the prayer, but we figure God knew who he was talking about ;)  It's not the first time he's been called Conner, and it won't be the last.

Kieran likes "Tat ta Hat" (the Cat in the Hat) and loves horses right now.  He watches more black and white tv than any kid nowadays.  He likes Roy Rogers now, too, and has watched Mr. Ed once or twice!  He doesn't sign as much anymore, except "scary" and maybe a few other words.  He doesn't always understand when you give him a choice.  Once Sandy asked him something for a yes or no answer.  Kieran just looked at him, and Sandy said, "Tell me, yes or no."  And Kieran said, "Yes or no."  He still hasn't straightened out the difference between upstairs and downstairs.  He calls them both "updee."

Kieran loves to jump...out of the van, off the bottom step of the porch, you name it.  He had a great time at Finn and Eli's, playing on their play set and running around and laughing at each other.  It's fun to watch the boys together, and Kieran always talks about the boys a lot afterwards.

Sandy has started taking guitar lessons and played a little for Kieran one night before Kieran went to sleep.  Now Kieran asks him to and usually falls asleep while Sandy plays.  It's really sweet.

Kieran counts one two three seven eight nine ten! He has accidentally hurt Connery a few times and is always really quick to hug him and say "I sah ee, Connoowee."  The other day, he accidentally bloodied his nose!!  He's spending more and more time in the corner, but sometimes he just stands there and laughs.  It drives us crazy!!  He's so dramatic...he'll laugh, then cry, then complain "I hurt my yag."

At the end of the month, we drove to Maryland (a LONG drive) to Sandy's brother's wedding.  Connery got to meet the family and perfect his crawling, and Kieran got to get away with more stuff. They looked so cute in their Indian clothes and suits and LOVED playing with Ba, Ryan, Eleana and Serena again.

Here's an updated Kieran dictionary...                                                           mop--mouth     mahsickle--motorcycle   teeyah--Kieran    pahmama--Spiderman Hah muh-dye--Happy Mother's Day     Mamala--Madeline   sannas--sandals             piss it--kiss it        oo ki ee--okay         and ConnooWEE ;)


April 2007--Kieran 2 years, Connery 8 months
It's been a crazy month!
  Amy stayed very busy with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Sandy changed jobs, Amy celebrated her birthday, Connery went to the emergency room, we went to Panoply, went to two parties on the same day, and Kieran went to the dentist for the first time!

Amy was very proud of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but was disappointed that the boys weren't in it.  During one of the last rehearsals, they were both crying offstage, and she had to admit that it just wasn't going to work.  Maybe next year!  

Sandy left his research position after 7 years to work with Optical Sciences Corporation.  He's excited about the change but admits that it will be an adjustment, and he'll miss the people and projects he worked on at the NSSTC.  

 Amy turned 33 the weekend of LWW and was excited that the cast and audience sang Happy Birthday to her.  That night, however, her mom called to say that Connery was vomiting and had a temperature of 104.3.  Sandy and Amy took him to the emergency room, where he was given an IV of antibiotics and fluids.  He had already been through two types of antibiotics for an ear infection this month, but they hadn't gotten rid of it, and the ER doctor said he had a double ear infection.  He needed two more shots over the next couple of days, and we worried that we would have to put tubes in his ears if this round of antibiotics didn't work.  Fortunately, he's been healthy since then.  

He also has started breathing treatments three times a day.  Doctors worry that he might have asthma, which Amy had when she was younger, too.  The treatments help his wheezing, and the doctors want to follow up periodically to see how he breathes with the treatments versus without them. 

 We ended the month by playing at Panoply, where Kieran made a Lone Ranger mask, and going to a "going away" party for Sandy and Isabel Martin's 3rd birthday party on the same day.  Kieran has started acting bashful around new people, but at Izzy's party, he warmed up VERY fast, thanks to Izzy's new playset!  

Kieran's first visit to the dentist was pretty tearful.  At first the nurse kept asking if she could count his teeth...and he quietly but firmly said No each time.   When the dentist came in and leaned him back, he was MAD!!  It took all three of us to hold him down.  Of course, as soon as he sat up again, he grabbed me and was fine.  And the prize and stickers made it all better!

 Kieran has started calling Connery by name...usually when he decides that Connery is in trouble.  He can string several words together like "I got a boo boo on my yag (leg)" or "I sleep Momma's woom wuf my pallow."  He has blamed Connery a couple of times when he got hurt, even when Connery was nowhere near him.  He's pretty picky about what he wears and will pitch a fit if you don't pull out the shirt or pants that he has in mind.  He'll wave his hand to push the shirt away and whine, "Not da shut" until you present the one he wants.  Some days we give in, and other days, we just have to fight him to get clothes on him...and then he tries to take them off!

Connery has 4 teeth now and will probably crawl in the next few weeks.  He says "Dadadada" a lot and likes to blow raspberries, which Kieran thinks is hysterical.  He seems to like all the foods we feed him, especially yogurt and pears.  He's VERY ticklish, and a mom at preschool told me the other day that "he is just so stinkin' cute!"  We have to agree. ;)

March 2007--Kieran 2 years, Connery 7 months
Momma went on her first trip without Connery :(  She spent one long weekend in Atlanta for a theatre conference, and he and Kieran both seemed so much bigger when she got back.  Kieran stayed one night at Papa and Nana's (Amy's dad and stepmom) and another night at Ba and Granddaddy's, or PaGaga as Kieran calls him (Amy's mom and stepdad), so he probably didn't even notice Amy was gone!

Connery has gotten his second tooth, right beside the first one on bottom and has gotten up on his hands and knees a couple of times.  Kieran hasn't used a pacifier in several weeks now (though he asks for it every now and then)!  And he has started asking to "go polly."  One night he even took his own diaper off and put it in the sink.  He doesn't actually GO, but he sits at least.  He likes to pretend to fall and get stuck. He asks "Momma ree" when he wants her to read a book, and kept asking Ba to read "Daddy book" while he was in Europe.  It took a while to know which book he meant...until Amy pulled out Harry Potter and he leaned back to listen.  He praises Sandy when "Daddy eat it all" and sometimes he tells himself to "sit dom."

He says "black" and "yellow" very well and has started calling Sandy Daddy instead of Gaga.  He is very territorial of Connery and will push little kids away and say "My buggah."  He likes to play his harmonica and loves Sally the best from the movie Cars.  He knows his shapes pretty well (ockle=circle, ohbuh=oval) and can call out a few letters like C, S, and O and he has to sign them too. Here's a little bit from Kieran's dictionary:

walla--water      ock--off    puhtta--pretzel    poomah--Superman    duhly--dirty      beekee--blanket       hehcuck--haircut    hop--help  pockockle--popsicle ;)

Funny story:  The other day, Connery was fussing in his carseat and Kieran asked why.  We said, "He must be hungry."  And Kieran said, "I fee Buggah too," and lifted up his shirt!!

They've both started rehearsals for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at Amy's school.  Connery is usually asleep when he gets carried out onstage, which is very cute.  Kieran, on the other hand, is a lot more independent than he was last year, so he doesn't always cooperate.   You'll have to come see the show just to see if Kieran makes it onstage each night!

Sandy spent the last two weeks of the month in Europe--one week for a meeting, and the other week for a beer tour through Belgium with his friends Caleb and Jeff.  Momma stayed with Amy and the boys, and during that time, she threw her back out, Kieran had an allergic reaction to something and broke out all over his body,  Connery got an ear infection, and Amy got a sinus infection.  Sandy got sick on his trip, too!

The weather was gorgeous over Spring Break, so we went to the Botanical Gardens with Stephenie, Finn, Eli and Ba, which was a lot of fun.  We are going to buy a family membership, because there's so much to do there.  And we spent one Sunday afternoon downtown at Big Spring Park with the "drummers."  A group of musicians have been meeting every nice Sunday afternoon, just to jam.  The boys loved it and even played some instruments with Finn's cousin Anna.  Amy's coworker Cornelius and a former student Mike both played that day, and they sounded awesome.  We want to go back every Sunday!

Amy's Granny Pugh and Aunt and Uncle Helen and James came into town at the end of the month, so we gathered over at Papa and Nana's to play with them and with Meagan and sweet little Ashlee.  It's always fun to see the kids play together...and to see Papa play with them too!

 February 2007--Kieran 2 years, Connery 6 months
We went to our first skating party for Alex Kahalley's 10th birthday.  Kieran acted like he wanted to get out on the skate floor, but he didn't like the skates on his feet at all.  He did have fun with Alex and Belle, though, and Connery got plenty of love from the moms and "mimi's"!  

We have missed Finn and Eli (and Steph and Caleb, too, of course), so we all went to the JumpZone on SuperBowl Sunday.  It has about 6 different HUGE inflated bounce thing-ies that are soooo cool!  Finn and Kieran had a blast, and the parents slid a few times, too...just because we were with the boys, of course. :)  A couple of the slides were really steep--one took my breath!  Unfortunately, my camera was out of memory and battery, too, but we are definitely going back, so we'll get pictures then. 

Kieran still calls Connery Brother instead of his name and tells us pretty often, "I ti ta ball." (I kicked the ball.) Connery can roll over both ways now and has started eating solids.  He gnaws on his hand all the time, so he's usually covered in slobber.  He has started eating solid foods and LOVES yogurt.  He has one little tooth on the bottom, and he sits up like a pro.  He's "the smiliest baby" people say...and he seems to be ticklish everwhere!  He went with Amy to a theatre competition and got LOTS of love from the girls.  He must have been their good luck charm, because they earned a chance to perform at the International Thespian Festival!!!!  Check out their website at

January 2007--Kieran TWO YEARS!! Connery 5 months
2 years old.  It's gone by fast!  We just wish it would slow down so the boys wouldn't grow so quickly.  Amy told Sandy that the way memory works, we can remember the way something looks or sounds...but she wishes we could remember the way the boys feel right now.  Just the way it feels to hold them. :(

We started the year by driving to Tennessee to see family that we hadn't seen since Connery was a month old. Amy's grandmothers both grabbed him as soon as we got there, and nearly wouldn't let go until we left.  :)  Kieran played at Great-Grandpa Carson's old barn (just like Amy used to) and Connery visited Great-Grandpa Carson's grave.

Kieran tries to say just about everything now and is stringing words together to say "I did it" or "I sit" or his favorite "I jump." Sometimes he calls for one of us, then when he finds us, he says, "Deh See is!"  He likes to hide between the refrigerator and the wall and say "Weh go?" then jump out and laugh.  He's started playing his harmonica more lately, too. 

Connery has started rolling from his stomach to his back, but not the other way around.  We've said several times that we think he's an even easier baby than Kieran was, and we didn't think that was possible.  He has great tickle spots and has such a sweet laugh.  He squeals sometimes and likes to blow bubbles.

We welcomed Granddaddy Ted home from Afghanistan the day before Kieran's birthday!  It was great to see him again and have him hold Connery for the first time ever.  Kieran saw him, pointed to his shoes and said, "Shoe!"  You wonder what goes through his mind sometimes!

The other day, Sandy found a picture of himself at his second birthday party.  Kieran looked at it and pointed to himself and said 'Tih-Tih."  It really does look a lot like him.

Kieran's party was a blast!  The weather was gorgeous, LOTS of our friends and family came over, the cake was unbelievable (made by my friend Chandra), and he got TONS of Spiderman stuff, the theme of the party.  It was a pretty cool celebration of a pretty cool kid.

December 2007--Kieran 23 months, Connery 4 months
This is the second year in a row that we've had a Baby's First Christmas!!  ha!  But it was so fun.  Kieran gets really excited to see the lights decorating people's houses, so Momma and Amy took him through the Botanical Gardens Galaxy of Lights.  We decided that we have to make it a tradition from now on.  Kieran squealed and yelled out "TaTa" (Santa), "ockle" (bicycle), "nah-nah" (snowman) and other things he saw.  I never appreciated Christmas lights until this year.  I get excited to see them, because I know he is going to get excited too.

He is very careful about opening presents.  First he takes off the bow, then the tag, then every little scrap of paper, before he tries to open the box or play with the toy.  Both boys LOADED UP!!  They must have been very good this year, because they got a LOT of stuff. 

The Boys have matching red longjohns with their names embroidered on the butt!  I'll be sad when they grow out of them.

We celebrated Finn's second birthday on a gorgeous day.  We played out back on his new playset and cracked up when the present opening turned into a free-for-all.  It seems the other kids thought Finn needed help.   La-la-la-la...we LIVE in Elmo's world!  These boys are crazy about that little red monster.

Kieran's been getting up in the middle of the night and coming into our room.  We know it's probably not a good habit to let him get into, but we don't feel like fighting it at 3 in the morning, and honestly, we think it's sweet.  We love cuddling with him.  And as Sandy says, one day he won't want to climb into bed with us, and we'll miss it.  So now, we'll just let him be little.  He comes into the room carrying his blanket (made by Amy's good teacher friend Adrienne).  He hands it up to Amy, and she puts it beside her.  Then he reaches up, and she lifts him into bed between her and Sandy.  He cuddles up and goes right to sleep.  

One night he came in with TWO blankets...and his Cars baseball cap on his head! 

 At the end of December, we welcomed little Ashlee to the family.  My stepsister Kim had another little girl...a little sister for Meagan.  Meagan was a little confused at the hospital, though.  She kept calling Ashlee "Baby Carnie" and when I left, she asked where the baby's mommy went.  It took her a few weeks to make the connection that they're two different babies--and one's hers!

November 2006--Kieran 22 months, Connery 3 months
Connery's first Thanksgiving, but Kieran enjoyed it more.  He's a good eater, and especially loves green beans and corn.  We gathered up over at Momma Ba's with Kelly Masi and had an amazing meal (no surprise since Momma cooked).  

Kieran's so active.  He loves to dance and jump and do the hokey pokey.  He has a hokey pokey Elmo and the book that goes with him, and he likes to get Momma to do it, too.  

 Finn's little brother Eli was baptised at the beginning of the month.  We were honored that Caleb and Stephenie asked us to be godparents again.  They are such special boys to us.  We really can't describe it.

Connery's started smiling.  Amy had forgotten how precious a little toothless smile could be.  Kieran laughs and says "guh-buh" (his way of saying "brother") whenever Connery smiles at him.  Kieran thinks it's because he's tickling him, but he really just grabs at him, which is sweet.  

October 2006--Kieran 21 months, Connery 2 months
We had a busy month--that's why there are a TON of pictures on the Picasa page.  MommaBa had one of her radioactive iodine scans this month so she couldn't be around Amy or the boys for about a week...the same week that Sandy was out of town!  So Gran and Jess came to help, and the boys loved it!!  We celebrated Jess's birthday and went to the Madison Street Festival, too.

At the end of the month, we drove up to Lynchburg for the Jack Daniel's BBQ Cookoff.  Amy's friend Tammy's husband Kevin (got that?) was competing, which is a huge honor, especially considering that he's only been competing for a couple of years.  We had a blast and ate the leftovers after each turn in...which was amazing!  The best eating we've done in a while. 

Amy started back to work at the end of this month--with mixed emotions.  She loves teaching and really missed her students...but Connery is so FUN!  It does help, though, that Connery has Kieran's old teacher Mrs. Madisetty, whom we LOVE!  And Amy's students seemed to appreciate her a little more than before.  It seems they missed her a little.  

Connery's Halloween was kind of a dud like Kieran's was.  He was sick, and the weather was yucky.  So we stayed home and only had one trick-or treater.  We dressed The Boys up a week later, though, and trick or treated at Papa and Nana's and at Rita Ba's.  We couldn't get Kieran to say "trick or treat," but they still looked too cute.  Kieran was Spiderman (or Meh-Meh, as he says it--with a growl in his voice), and Connery was Superman. 

 September 2006--Kieran 20 months, Connery 1 month
Wow, we thought that having two children would mean twice the work, but it's more like 10!  We're thankful to have Sandy's mom visiting, and Amy's mom just down the street too.  We're also proud to have such wonderful friends, too, bringing us meals and being great company.  Connery's going to be lucky to have you in his life!

Sometimes, when Kieran and Connery are both asleep, Sandy and I get to relax a bit.  We even played Scrabble for two hours one night!  How many parents of a newborn get to do that??!!  Connery sleeps for about 3 hours at a time, but he usually goes right back to sleep afterwards, so we get a fairly restful night.

Kieran still hasn't shown any jealousy.  In fact, he seems proud of his new brother.  When someone comes over, the first thing he does is point to Connery and jabber.  He also looks for him as soon as he comes home.  If he's not in his pack n play, Kieran hold his hands up like he's saying, "Where is he?"  And he shares, too.  The other day,
Connery was in his bouncy seat in the living room, and I gave Kieran a few pieces Honeycomb cereal as a snack.  When Connery started crying, Kieran went into the living room.  I realized he was in there and thought I'd better not let him alone with him because he could get to him on the floor.  When I entered the living room, Kieran was trying to put Honeycomb in Connery's mouth!! 

We all traveled to Tennessee this month to the annual Carr reunion...which is always a blast!  We laughed because this was the second year in a row that we brought a new baby.  We told everybody not to expect that next year.  We think we'll take a break ;)  It was wonderful to see everyone and let them meet Connery and see how much Kieran has grown.  It was especially great that Amy's grandmother Alice was there to meet Connery.  She was married to Amy's grandfather Carson for 51 years before he passed away in 2001.  In fact, he passed away on September 13, 2001, exactly 5 years and 3 days before Granny met Connery, whom she calls her "Little Carson." 

We always leave the reunion talking about what an amazing family we have...and it's not just because they rock at karaoke! 

Age 19 months--August 2006
Kieran started back to school at Premier this month and is having a hard time adjusting after being at home with Momma so much this summer and then spending last week getting lots of attention from Brittany, Emily, Aunt Tammy, Ethan, Gran, and his crazy KellyMasi while they were in town.

We've gone swimming a couple of times with Amy and little Isabel and had a blast!  Kieran has no fear...which scares Momma a lot! 

He signs "baby" pretty often when he sees a little one, or looks at a picture of himself when he was a baby.  We talk about the baby in Momma's tummy, but he doesn't get it, of course.  One night, however, Sandy asked him "Where's Daddy?"  "Where's Mommy?"  "Where's the dog?"  ...and more questions like that.  Kieran rattled off the signs after each question (very cute).  Then Sandy asked "Where's the baby?"  Kieran signed "baby" and pointed right to Amy's stomach!  It won't be long before he can point to the baby itself!

.....It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!! Connery was born August 15 in the wee hours of the morning, but he didn't have a name for 12 hours.  Finally, Amy and Sandy, with help from Amy's dad, decided to use both of the boy names they were considering.  Connery, because they liked it, and Carson because that's Amy's grandfather's name. 

Connery looks A LOT like Kieran did when he was first born, and Kieran is very sweet with him.  He tries to give him his pacifier and signs "baby" and "cry" when Connery fusses.  He likes to hold him, too, and grins really big for the camera when he does.  One of the sweetest things he does is hold his hand--he takes breaks during his running around to hold Connery's hand for a few seconds.  Then he's back off to play. 

We can tell it's going to be a great adventure raising The Boys!  Fortunately, we have help from the grandparents.

Connery Kumar Carson Patel
Born on August 15, 2006 (3:15 a.m.), Huntsville Hospital, Huntsville, AL
He weighed 6 lbs and 8 oz and was 19 1/2 in long.

Age: 18 months--July 2006
Kieran took his first beach trip around July 4 to see Kirti, Scott, Ryan, Eleana and Serena.  He LOVES the beach.  At first the waves freaked him out a little bit and he had to back away from them, but he loved being out in the water and playing in the sand with Eleana. 

He went to his first baseball game on Independence Day and saw the Pensacola Pelicans lose to the Sioux City Canaries.  Early in the game, a foul ball flew to a guy sitting near 1st base, and he grabbed it, turned around and gave it to Kieran!  :)  So now he has a great souvenir from his first game.  After the game, we watched gorgeous fireworks at the park.  We worried that it would scare him, because all the lights were off, and the fireworks were pretty loud, but he was mesmerized by them. 

He’s learning new signs every day and has started saying words, too, even two syllable words like “bopple” (“apple”) and “dootie” (“cookie”).  He grins really cute when you tell him to say Cheese!

Brittany and Emily visited at the end of the month, and we had a blast!  Kieran taught them his sign language and a few dance moves at the Concert in the Park. 


Granddaddy Ted left at the beginning of this month to work for 6 months in Afghanistan.  We ate at Greenbrier for our goodbye dinner. Kieran doesn't realize what's happening, but the rest of us hate the thought of him being gone so long.  We just hope and pray that he will be safe and that the time will go by quickly.

Age: 17 months--June 2006

India!  That's the word of the month.  We made the LONG journey (I think it took 37 hours door to door to get home!)  to visit Sandy's family in Petlad, Gujarat.  We spent two weeks there and took Sandy's father's ashes to a river that connects to the Ganghes.  It was a really pretty ceremony.  The next day, Kieran had his first hair cut.  Kieran and Amy both cried, but after it was over, he looked so cute!  Check out the before and  after!  He calmed down after we went inside the temple, and he got a cookie.  

This picture was taken in India, but Kieran gave it to Daddy for Father’s Day.  We’re both signing “Daddy.” 

Kieran signs a LOT nowadays!  Dirty, more, eat, drink, thirsty, hungry, cracker, cookie, milk, cereal, water, banana, apple, ice cream, cheese, hot, cold, finished, sleepy, dog, cat, monkey, elephant, bird, bear, fish, sun, flower, shoes, socks, ball, car, plane, let’s go, please, thank you, bath, Momma, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, baby, friend, play, change (which he uses to tell us when his diaper is dirty!)   book, read, hurt, crying (Which he used the other night when we talked about a picture of his cousin Ryan :)      It’s so great, because we can really communicate with him.  We can tell what’s on his mind and what he wants.  We use the sleepy sign to say good night to each other.  He also holds up one finger as his version of K to say his name.

He can say five words clearly—Momma, Go!, Bye-bye, Uh-oh and No.  He also says More (“Muh”), Dog (“Ga”), and Ball (“BaBa”), but we could only tell that's what he was saying, because he signed the word too. 

We had a good time going to the downtown Concert in the Park and the Downtown Summer Arts Stroll.  The Alabama summer is hot, but nothing compared to India!

Kieran started brushing his teeth this week.  It’s so cute.  He loves to chew on the toothbrush and suck the toothpaste out (Curious George Banana Berry…who wouldn’t love it?!).  But he also lets us brush them for him

Age: 16 months--May 2006
Kieran and Momma are enjoying spending lots of time together now that she's out of school.  We've gone to the Art Museum and the park downtown where he gets lots of opportunity to sign "bird."  He's just learning to jump...and loves to be chased!

Age: 15 months--April 2006
Kieran is a STAR!!  He played Baby Mowgli in Amy's school production of The Jungle Book and got rave reviews!  He entered right on cue (to ooh's and ahh's from the audience) and walked right to where he was supposed to (sometimes with just a little Father Wolf nudging) and then stayed onstage for several minutes.  (These photos are from Joe Matus photography

Age: 14 months--March 2006
Kieran spends two or more afternoons a week at The Jungle Book rehearsal, and he's doing a fabulous job!  It gets a little exhausting sometimes, though!  He fell asleep right in the middle of rehearsal! 

Kieran's second Easter was even more fun than his first.  His teacher, Mrs. Altman, had to show him how to pick up the eggs, but after the second or third, he caught on and there was no stopping him.  On Easter Sunday, he hunted in RitaBa's front yard so she could watch him through the window (she just had major GI surgery).  When he picked up the last egg and dropped it in the basket, he put the basket in the crook of his arm and started waving "Bye!"  Too cute! 

Age: 13 months--February 2006

Age: 1 YEAR!!!--January 2006
A year has gone by TOO quickly...and Kieran's grown from being a squeaky newborn with big eyes and big toes to being a true toddler, laughing, jabbering and signing...still with the big eyes and big toes.

He moved up into his new classroom at Premier this month.  He's in with the toddlers, who seem huge, just because they're so mobile.  But he toddles a little, too, and I'm sure he'll be running right alongside them very soon.

We celebrated on his birthday by having the grandparents over--and announcing that Kieran's going to be a big brother!!!  Baby #2 is due August 23 when Kieran will be 19 months old.  Will it be a baby brother or sister????  We're still taking wagers!  We announced to everyone that night at Bandito Burrito (our local Mexican hangout) where oddly enough, we announced that we were expecting Kieran!  What a funny circle of events.

Then we had a HUGE party at our house the weekend afterwards.  A space theme for our little explorer.  He didn't dive into the cake like everyone hopes a 1 year old will do, but he dabbled in the icing a little and was sweet to share with everybody. 

Age: 11 months--December 2005
What's this??? Presents?  A tree?  Dangly thingies?  Oooh, lots to get into!  And just in time, because I just started walking...

Christmas will never be the same now that Kieran's here.  He didn't care too much about opening the presents, but he enjoyed playing with the goodies inside.  Yes, and the empty boxes and paper, too.  He had several in Birmingham with Granddaddy Ted's daughters, one at Papa and Nana's, one at home with Momma and Daddy and yet another at Rita Ba's.  Here are some pics of him and his cousin Meagan after they made a mess at Papa and Nana's--then had fun in the tub!

Age: 10 months--November 2005
Kieran has just started eating solid food...just in time for Thanksgiving at Kirti Foy's in Florida!  We had a great time with the cousins!  And the weather was great! 

Age: 9 months--October 2005
Kieran's first Halloween...and he's sick!  So no trick or treating this year.  But he looks super cute as a bat!

He's pretty proud of himself for being able to drink out of a sippie cup and loves to "waller" around with Kelly Masi.  :)

Age: 8 months--September 2005
Kieran started crawling over Labor Day weekend while we visited a friend-of-a-friend's lake house with Steph, Caleb and Finn and Sean, Alycia and Anna.  He has a funny lopsided crawl using one knee and one foot. 

How does Kieran spend his day?  He has a great time "helping" Momma with her schoolwork and sometimes wears himself out by the end of the day!  Sometimes we get the chance to swim at Auntie Jenn's pool with her mom and dad, Papa John and Nana Joan. 

Kieran attended his first Carr reunion…the food, the karaoke, the family.  All wonderful!

The weekend was cut short, however, when Sandy’s family called with the news that Sandy’s father had a mild heart attack and was in the hospital.  During the night, he had a massive heart attack and passed away at the age of 70.  We left Tennessee at 5:00 in the morning and drove straight to Maryland to be with Sandy’s mother.  Nitesh and Kirti and her family came up soon afterwards for a bittersweet reunion.  Having Kieran, Ryan, Eleana and Serena was a true blessing.  We’re so thankful that we have them, and that Dada was able to spend time with all of them before he died.

Age: 7 months--August 2005

Age: 6 months--July 2005
Chicago is my kind of town!!!  I'm here with Momma as she finishes her last few courses to get her Master's Degree from Roosevelt University.  I have live-in nannies while I'm here (Brittany, Dad, Rita Ba, Indira Ba and Papa and Nana).  They stay for about a week at a time, so I'm getting LOTS of attention.  We take walks in Millennium park, visit Momma every day at school, and ride the 'L."  Papa likes to put me in the Snugli and show me off.  We had a great time at the Lincoln Park Zoo and watching the fireworks downtown.

I had a great time with Momma's friends from Roosevelt, especially Uncle Will's Surprise 40th Birthday party!  I helped him win at poker...or did we lose? 

I can sit up now!  I did it for the first time at the Children's Museum with Indira Ba.  I'm still a little wobbly, but I can hold for several seconds.

Age: 5 Months
We celebrated by updating this web page and going out to hear a band (Reddletters)!  (Kieran stayed with a babysitter, one of Amy's students, Emily--we didn't take him to the bar.)

Age: 4 Months

I’ve started eating solid food…but I don’t like it.  Rice cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, sweet potatoes…yuck!  Mom’s trying to hold off on giving me the good stuff. 

 We had a dedication ceremony (pic2) at Papa and Nana’s church on May 22.  It was pretty special, getting introduced to the congregation.  I also got to spend time with my cousin Meagan.  We’ve agreed that when parents are taking pictures, we should never look at the camera at the same time.

I’ve learned to take my pacifier out of my mouth…just can’t always get it back in, which frustrates me.  Sometimes I like to take it out and just look at it

Kelly Masi came to town and we went to Bandito Burrito and played.  She can get me to laugh really hard!

Here I am with Dad…watching TV.  It’s what guys do.  Mom and Dad don’t ever put me in front of the TV, but anytime they’re watching I like to turn around and watch, too.  They’re afraid it’s creating a bad habit. 

I must have great hair, because Finn loves to touch it!  Our parents can't wait until we’re old enough to play together, but right now, we just watch each other.  Here I am with Finn and Finn’s mom, Stephenie.

First Flight: Upstate NJ, NYC, Princeton
(pics to come soon)

At the end of May I took my first flight. Mom, dad and I traveled to NJ to attend the wedding of Dad's cousin Rina and Henry Patel and to visit the Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton,NJ.  We had fun packing - dad said I should just ride in the suitcase - Mom told him that he was out of his mind!  This was Kieran's first flight and I loved it!  We were gone for a total of 10 days.  We had a great time seeing the family again, especially spending time with Ba and Dada (Sandy's parents).  Also we met several new babies including Asha (Amitha and Jin) Patel and Raina (Alpesh and Pinky) Patel.  It was neat to meet Dad's cousin...Kiran Patel
Here are more pictures from the day before the wedding (in my cool Indian vest)
    with Reema, with Ba and Ma, with crazy Jigs (Dad's cousin) and the bride Rina, with Bikhumama and Mami         (Dad's uncle and his wife)
Here are photos from the beautiful wedding. (Notice my great Indian outfit)
    with Dad, with Ba, with Ba and her sisters, in front of the Ganesh (an Indian god), with Gitakaki (Dad's cousin),  with Ma and Dad, with Dada

And here we are at the party...I mean, reception. (Dad and I have new suits!)
    with Dad, Ma and Ba, the two best looking guys at the wedding, three generations

During the trip we also visited Sandy's college roomate and his family.  Adam and Keri Elkin added a new member to their household 14 months ago.  Her name is Lily and she is absolutely beautiful.  The Elkins are in NJ and we spent one day with them at their house on a lake.  We can't wait to see them again. Here are Dad and Adam with Kieran and Lily. pic1  pic2  pic3

We were also able to stay with Bhavini and Parth Dave for a night, and the next day we ventured into New York City on the bus. We had planned to go to Times Square, have lunch, and then go to the Central Park Zoo - however Kieran had other plans.  He was not feeling so well by mid day so after a late lunch we headed home.  We did get a chance to see Times Square (Kieran fell asleep!), Kieran's first horse and NYPD officer, and ride on the subway.  Here is a picture with Bhavini, Parth and Bhavini's brother Jigs and his wife Beejal.

That night we drove down to Princeton and settled into and apartment at the Institute.  During the days Sandy worked and Amy and Kieran were able to go for walks in the beautiful grounds of the Instuture.  We met Carlo Ramirez-Truse, the new son of Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz and Kristen Truse.  He and Kieran went on a few walks together and we look forward to visiting them again when the boys are a little older.

Age: 3 Months

It’s hard to believe how big I’ve gotten in just 3 months!  I’m ready for anything.  Put ‘em up!  I still love bathtime,pic2 pic 3 and I smile a lot and laugh out loud.

Mom’s students performed Peter Pan, and I got to dress up as a pirate!

I took my first out of town trip at the end of April…down to Birmingham to visit Kellymasi!  I did great, I admit.  I’m pretty much easy going no matter where we are.

For Mother’s Day, Dad and I took Mom to Big Spring Park for my first picnic.  We played on the ground and took a walk around the park.  We want to take more picnics because it was so much fun!

Finn’s still my best buddy.  Right now we just look at each other, and maybe reach out to grab each other’s faces, but it’s still fun!

My hair’s grown long enough that it gets messed up sometimes.  That’s my bad boy look.

This month, Mom and Dad went out and left me with an official babysitter!  They had fun at Darren's graduation party, and I had fun with Kim Laxson (one of Mom's school parents) and her daughter Ashley.  You should be proud--Mom only called home once, and we all got through the night without anybody crying!

Week 13:

One of my favorite things to do is play SuperKieran with Dad. 

Here I am at the end of a long day.  You can tell I'm pretty tired.  There's no use fighting it...I'm out!

Week 12:

This was Mom’s last week before she went back to school…and Dad’s been out of town the whole time!  I got to try out my daycare for a couple of days, and as you can tell, I like it just fine.  I get to play, make new friends, and sleep!

Week 11:

I got to spend more time with my buddy Finn and found out that my friend Anna is going to be a big sister!  Yay!  More babies!  I went to my Papa and Nana’s later in the week.  Here is a picture of me asleep on Papa.  Oh, and I fell asleep on Caleb (Finn’s dad) too, while Dad held Finn.  I’m growing out of my clothes fast.  Mom and Dad were sad when I grew out of this dinosaur sleeper.  It was one of our favorites.

A lot of these pictures show me smiling and happy, but the truth is, sometimes I do cry, as these pictures with Kevin and Jennifer show.

I got to celebrate my first Easter…and I actually fit in my Easter basket!  My Rita Ba and Granddaddy Ted came over and brought me an Easter bunny. 

I’m getting cuter and bigger every day.  Chicks really do dig me!

Week 10:

Dad was out of town for part of this week again, so Mom sent him some pictures to remind him that I’m still Daddy’s boy. pic2  I’m getting better at “tummy time” but I still can’t hold my head up very far.  It makes me go cross-eyed pretty fast.

Week 9: 

Another exciting week!  This week we made pictures with Rita Ba and had our first dinner our with the Walkers (Finn, Caleb and Steph) at Casa Blanca.  On Saturday night I met my new friend Natalie Paxton!  She let me borrow a rocking chair that she did not need any more and I really like it (as you can tell from these pictures).  She is 11 months and is almost walking around on her own.  Also this week I will get to meet my cousins Joshua and William Tuillis from Birmingham and thier mom Suzanne. Talk about some proud grandparents!!

I got to spend the day with Rita Ba and Granddaddy Ted.  Here's a picture during what we call "Spa with Ba."  I look really big in this picture--My Auntie Jenn asked if someone put MiracleGro in the bathwater!  Granddaddy introduced me to the cutest boy in the mirror, then we played until I got tuckered out!

Psst...I've got these people figured out--all you have to do is smile and you get anything you want!  Hmmm...I wonder if crying works the same way...

Week 8: 

This week I got to meet my great grandmothers Alice Pugh and Helen Roysden and family from Crossville, TN.  They came down for the weekend and we got to spend a lot of time together - I am so glad that I finally got to meet Brittany and Emily.  I only wish they did not live so far away so I could see them more often - especially Ethan (here with my aunt Rhonda)! Here I am with Ethan and my aunt Tammy.  Also this week our good friend from Charleston, Kim, paid a visit to Huntsville and stopped by to meet me.  Hopefully we will get to see her in SC soon.

Week 7:

This week daddy had to go out of town to State College, PA. It was the first time he was away from me and boy was he sad!  Mommy and I sent him this picture to try to cheer him up. 

I'm learning to hold my head up.  Boy, this being a baby business is hard work!

We went to Nana and Papa's again to play with my cousin Meagan.  I got a lot of attention because I've got such a great smile!

Week 6:

This week I went to my first birthday party.  Jennifer Aunti drove from Atlanta to see me, and to her surprise her husband (Artie) and her parents (Joan and John) threw her a surprise  birthday party.  We had a great time.  Here are a few pics with her and her parents.

Week 5: 

This week Amy and Kieran went for their first walk when the weather warmed up.  Amy ventured out to see Stephenie and Finnegan at their house one night and Thursday evening we went to meet Philip Altman (born on January 25 - exactly 2 weeks after Kieran). Here are a few  pictures of  Kieran and Philip  (Philip is the one Amy is holding with the light green outfit. Pic1 Pic2Pic3).

Also this week Kieran got to meet his stepcousin, so to speak. Chris and Kim's daughter (Meagan) and Kieran met this Tuesday. (Kim is Amy's stepsister and her little girl is ~6 months old now.  Here is a nice picture with the grandparents, Nana and Papa and one of Kieran with his Papa (Amy's dad). 

Finally this Sunday we ventured out in to public (other than the Dr.'s office) with Kieran.  Amy and I took him furniture shopping.  He did not find what he was looking for so it looks like we will have to try again next weekend!

Week 4:

Here is a nice picture of Kieran resting in the antique cradle Rita Ba gave him.  Currently he sleeps in our bedroom along side our bed.  The plan is to move him to his nursery between 2-3 months.  Just for reference, "Ba" is equivalent to "grandmother", so Amy's mom is Rita Ba and Sandy's mom is Indira Ba to Kieran.

Week 3:

Kieran really enjoys his baths - he did not at first, but after a couple of times we find that he really relaxes and enjoys all the attention!

Some of Amy's students came over to meet Kieran.  Here are Emily, Adam, Travis, Dustin, Amber, Ben, Amanda and Obi.  They were so sweet with him!  As you can see, he's completely comfortable with them around...he heard their voices even before he was born.

A friend of ours said, "I've heard of parents spoiling the baby, but I think this baby is spoiling his parents!"  It's true--Kieran is sooooo good.  Every now and then, though, he makes a little noise to keep us humble.

Our friends Pete, Devonee and Abby came over this week.  Our dogs Scout and Gryphon have played together for years, and now our kids can play together, too!  Abby says, "Baby Kieran is just my size!"  She's going to be a great little "babysitter."

Week 2:

When we first came home with Kieran the Doc said that he had a little jaundice and that direct sunlight should help clear that up and so we would lay him in front of the porch doors and let him sunbathe - he absolutely loved it!

Week 1: (2005 Jan 11-Jan17)

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new healthy baby boy
Kieran Kumar McKinley Patel 
Stats: Kieran was born on January 11, 2005 (5:04pm), Huntsville Hospital, 
 Huntsville AL
He weighed 6 lbs and 15.6 oz and was 19in long.

Kieran just a few seconds old!
Dad and Kieran meet for the first time.
Our beautiful baby boy.
The first family picture.

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