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Cape Chignecto

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Cape Chignecto,

as it might  appear on a cloudless day.  Yes, we hiked out to the very end, the one visible at the left of the photo. 

It seems to be a flat walk out.  Ha.  In fact, it's some periods of somewhat level hiking, interrupted by four to six hundred foot drops to sea level as one crosses streams emptying into the Bay of Fundy.  Of course, after crossing a stream, which might be all of 10 feet wide, one has to 'make up' the 600 feet one just lost to make the stream crossing, by hiking up that amount on the other side.

In between each of the headlands is a stream terminating in the Bay of Fundy.  Almost every valley represents a stream crossing and some 1,200 feet of descent and ascent.  Of course this geology provides some heady cliff views and a dangerous shore line, with the tide rising some 40 or 50 feet twice a day.

What a contrast.  We began our backpack trip along the cape with mist and light rain, which occasionally dissipated just enough to offer tantalizing hints of good views down the cliffs.  Our party also consisted of Baker, an Icelandic Sheepdog puppy, who seemed thrilled to be chasing around the woods for a week.  Some other pics along the way.

Along the way we saw some cool looking;

such as this sandstone bluff near the entrance to the park.

such as this Luna Moth which camped on our camp and then refused to leave.


Here's how we make camp.
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