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Matki Phod - Chatti

Please take note of the following festivals taking taking place at the Shree RadheShyam Mandir, Marlboro Gardens.

Matki Phod/Chatti
Date: Tuesday, 3rd September 2013
19h00 – 19h30   Aarti & Doon
19h30 – 20h30   Chatti
20h30 onwards   Matki Phod

Significance of Matki Phod
Lord Krishna is known to be fond of butter and butter-milk, and the stories of Krishna's childhood and youth talk about his numerous mischievous pranks as Makhan Chor (butter thief). 

Lord Krishna with his friends (Govindas) would roam around the city of Mathura, in search of clay pots filled with butter and butter-milk. Gopicas (milk maidens) used to hide these pots at a height so that little Krishna could not reach it. Lord Krishna was very smart and He developed the idea of making a pyramid of his friends and then climbing it and get to the curd.

The “Matki Phod” event celebrates the notorious and adventurous side of Shri Krishna. Devotees gather together under Dahi Handi and make a human pyramid to catch and then break open a pot hung high in the air with a rope. Some pots are filled with butter-milk sweets and others may be empty.

Significance of Chatti
The celebration of 'Chatti' takes place on the sixth day after the birth of Bhagwan Shri Krishna. The banks of the river Yamuna, about 7 miles from Mathura is where the infant Krishna was brought by his father and exchanged with the newly born daughter of Yasoda, wife of Nanda, to save him from his uncle, the king Kansa, who threatened to kill him. Mother Yasoda performed the Chatti Pooja for Lord Krishna on the sixth day after his birth. This important ceremony is performed to appease Mother Shashti. Mother Shashthi is regarded as the benefactor and protector of children. She is also worshiped as a bestower of children to the childless, and regarded as the foremost goddess for blessing children.