Anderson, Alice was born and grew up in central California. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and worked for many years in that profession.  She and her husband are retired and are in the third year of serving a full time mission in the St. George Regional Family History Center. They completed a two-year mission and loved the work so much, they began a second mission the next day. They currently are Assistant Directors in St. George. Alice loves family history, technology, and teaching anything she knows. A family history mission provides a way to have it all. Alice will be teaching Drop Box Cloud Storage and Sourcing Your Family History.

Anderson, Marlowe was born and grew up in a small town in south central Utah - living away from home to finish High School. After two years of college at Utah State and Brigham Young Universities he entered the U.S. Air Force aviation cadet program and graduated as a pilot and commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant. After 14 years of active duty which included service throughout the US, the Far East, Korea, South Viet-Nam and Europe he joined the faculty at Arizona State University.  Here he taught courses in Aeronautics and Electronics and flew with the Arizona Air National Guard at Phoenix Sky Harbor for nine years. In 1977 he was selected to attend the Industrial College of the Armed Forces in Washington D.C. After graduation he served a four year tour with the National Guard Bureau at the Pentagon and Andrews AFB where he flew Boeing 737s. After 29 years of military service he retired as a Lt. Colonel from the U.S. Air Force. He then spent 11 years working in Georgetown as a consulting engineer.  Marlowe has degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado, and an MBA from Auburn University. He is also a graduate of the Air Force Command and Staff College.  Marlowe will be teaching Legacy Family Tree.

Blake, Kathleen Genealogy has become her passion for the last 15 years. Kathy has attended the BYU annual training and the RootsTech seminars for several years and considers herself a moderately informed genealogist. Teaching at the St. George Regional Family History Center where she has served for 12 years, has been a delight for her. She is currently working with the Development team, helping to write and publish a week-long training. She has helped to write and teach a British Research class as well as the FamilySearch.org classes. She also teaches classes on Family Reunion Ideas, Family History Christmas Gifts and Research Tips. Kathy will be teaching FamilySearch Family Tree and Cemetery Records.

Burkhardt, Kathy was born and raised in upstate New York. She graduated from Utah State with a Bachelors in Home Economics and Consumers Education and from UNLV with a Masters in Public Administration. She works full time supervising a senior recreation center in Las Vegas. Family History and reading are her two favorite hobbies outside of grandkids and hubby, Jon. She has been doing family history for 30 years and considers herself to be self taught and has learned a lot over her years of digging. She loves going through cemeteries, archives, and old records and has learned how to zoom around the Internet for information. When she retires she would like to do researching and spend more time digging around for family information wherever it might lead. Kathy will teaching the Beginning and Intermediate class on Ancestry.com

Bunker, Sandi has been indexing and extracting for years and her goal is to finish 1 million names indexed or arbitrated this year. Even when she's on vacation, she finds time to fit it into her schedule. She has an M.A. from BYU in linguistics and another in Spanish, so she likes to do the Mexican census to keep up her skills a little. She really enjoys indexing and has found some of her own family names through the indexing program. Sandi will be teaching How You Can Help By Arbitrating.

Buzbee, Bruce is the founder and president of RootsMagic, Inc., and the author of RootsMagic genealogy software. Bruce has been writing genealogy software for over 20 years. Bruce has taught thousands of users the ins and outs of RootsMagic, from the basics for beginners to advanced topics for the genealogy professional. Bruce serves on the board of the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS), and is also the webmaster of Family-Reunion.com, the world's most popular family reunion planning site. He will be teaching classes related to FamilySearch Made Easy with RootsMagic and What's new in Roots Magic.

Decker, Christy has been actively doing family history since 1996 and describes herself as self-taught - meaning she learned the hard way and can now help others avoid many of her mistakes. She absolutely "LOVES" genealogy and the old cemeteries, road trips to find ancestors, and trips to the Family History Center in Salt Lake City. She professes to be addicted! She is the mother of three sons. She is married to Kelly Decker and both are active in the LDS Church. Christy is currently serving as a ward FH consultant and also helps patrons at the Family History Center. She will be teaching Canadian Research.

Gremlich, Diane is the mom of eight children and has been married for 32 years to Randy. She has been actively doing family history eleven year. She went with her husband when he moved to Kingman, Arizona, because of his work after living in Las Vegas for 24 years. She still continues to work with family history and research. Diane will teach Beginning Research - Google.

Hammons, Julie Bliss has worked in Family History nearly all her life. She lived in Arizona until about three years ago. While living there she wrote a genealogy column for the Verde Independent and taught genealogy research classes at conferences for the Northern Arizona Genealogy Society, the Sedona Genealogy Club and monthly classes at her local Family History Center. She is a member of The Association of Professional Genealogists, serves on the Board of the Washington County Family History and Genealogy Group, and is currently serving a Family History Mission at the St. George Regional FHC where she is on the MTC Training team and teaches research classes. She has several genealogy related web pages and a blog, 'The Lost Grandmother' which focuses on finding those women in our lines who are often elusive. She and her husband Del Ray currently live in Santa Clara, Utah. Julie will teach Tips and Tricks of Family History Portal-Premium Websites and Free Genealogy Sites.

Harris, Jamie Walker has been doing genealogy research for over 30 years. A retired educator, she has presented at conferences in the Midwest and Texas. She gave the James Dent Walker Memorial Lecture at the FGS Conference in 2001. Based on her research, Jamie has earned First Family certificates from Texas and Arkansas. She especially enjoys helping others find their ancestors, especially their enslaved ancestors. Jamie currently serves as the vice president of the Nevada African American Genealogy Society. She will be teaching African-American Research-Researching Enslaved Ancestors.

Jeffrey, Ann has only recently become personally involved in family history and genealogy. However, it has always been an important part of her life. Both of her parents have been avid genealogists, and they have authored many family history books that tell the stories of their ancestors. Ann has taught Japanese and World History in the Clark County School District for 17 years. In her classes, she brings history to life by having her students uncover the stories of their families' history. Ann will teach Military Records.

Kehrer, Robert worked for 12 years as a molecular geneticist identifying disease genes by building very large family pedigrees. He has an MBA and worked for 7 years at Apple managing strategic alliances and driving market strategy in the sciences. For the last 5 years Robert has worked for FamilySearch as a product manager in the Family History Library, overseeing the public APIs, and managing the development of FamilySearch.org beta. He is currently the senior product manager of search technologies for FamilySearch. Robert will teach Effective Search Techniques and Sound Research Practices.

Kunzman, Jerry has been researching genealogy for about 20 years. Starting with his own family he has traced his paternal side back to the late 1700's in Poland and Russia, and is still researching his maternal roots. Jerry has degrees in Engineering, Physics and Medicine and retired from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2002. He moved to Las Vegas upon retirement and currently serves as the Vice President of both the Clark County Nevada Genealogical Society (CCNGS) and also the Jewish Genealogy Society of Southern Nevada (JGSSN). Jerry will teach Beginning Census/Heritage Quest and Breaking Down Brick Walls.

Larkin, Lida enjoys Family History and has been involved since she was 13 years old. She tries to keep current with what's new in family history research and uses the tools she has learned to help others. The FamilySearch Family Tree site is exciting with all it has to teach us as well as help us find our ancestors. She writes Family Histories and has a Family History Tips Newsletter (you can sign up at www.tipsforfamilyhistory.com). Lida will be teaching Binding the Generations Through Family Stories and Utah and Pioneer Research.

Lewis, Vic started working in the Extraction Program some 12 to 15 years ago. There have been many changes since that time. It has gotten easier and better and, therefore, faster to get the records done. Now it is called Indexing and, as with the new search program, you can now see the images on the Internet. This is going to make it much easier and faster for one to find their ancestors. At this time Vic has the calling as Sandstone Stake Indexing Director -- which he loves even more than just Indexing. Vic will be teaching Indexing.

McKinstry, Margo Born in Canada, Margo’s love of the British Isles comes from her ancestry and living in England as a child. A Research Consultant with British Reference in FamilySearch, she received her accreditation for England in March 2008. She is a qualified instructor at the Family History Library, presenting at numerous conferences and also authoring several genealogical publications as well as online courses for FamilySearch.  Margo’s passion is teaching others genealogical research in the British Isles.  Presently living in Kaysville, Utah, Margo is married to Jim, and the mother to seven children and nineteen grandchildren.  Margo will be teaching Beginning English Research and Ireland: Beginning Research.


Nishimoto, Lee has B.S. degrees in Genealogical Research and Psychology from BYU, has more than 40 years of research and teaching experience, has developed and taught courses at many colleges and universities, and helped create and host a genealogy TV program in Washington, D.C. She has published books and materials related to genealogy. She will be teaching Emigrantion and Problems with Names.

Ozaki, Alan is a practicing dentist here in Las Vegas and his patients love him. He loves computers and photography. He developed his own computer consulting firm to help dentists set up computer systems in their offices. He became interested in photo restoration and video history when he wanted to record his father's personal history. He has 7 children and 2 grandchildren. Alan will teach Photo Restoration (2 hour class)

Poffenberger, Dan
, AG (a symbol like his name is registered) is a project manager for the Patron Assistance Division of the Family History Department, International commission for the accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen) in English Research. He is a Research Consultant on the British and US and Canada floors of the Family History Library. He received his Bachelor’s with a minor in Family and Community History. He served in the Haiti Port-au-prince LDS mission for two years. Dan has presented at numerous conferences around the United States and internationally. Dan will give the Keynote Address: Family Search 2012 and Beyond. Dan will also teach Where there's a Will, there's a way: Finding English Probate Records and The Parish Chest - Beyond Christening, Marriage & Death

Sulser, Samantha works for FamilySearch as a data analyst. Her work entails data studies that aide in the correction and integrity of data in new FamilySearch. Samantha teaches at numerous conferences and can often be found representing FamilySearch at their booth. She has extensive knowledge of new FamilySearch. Samantha has a B.S. and Master’s degree. Samantha will teach If New Family Search is New, Why do I need Family Tree and What you should know about Family Search.org.

Terry, Amanda is a Data Analyst/Supervisor for FamilySearch in Salt Lake City, Utah, the largest genealogical organization in the world. Her fields of expertise include: New FamilySearch, submission policies, and training. She was a Temple Recorder and Family History Consultant, and has a B.A/M.A. in Education and is currently finishing a M.Ed. in Instructional Technology. Amanda will teach Editing Relationships in Family Tree and Consultants & Other Family History Callings, Online Resources.

Thomas, Keith is a banker who has been involved with computers since the beginning of time (computer time, that is). He loves to upgrade his hardware and software. He was raised in Idaho and is married to a native Las Vegan, Sherrie Hunter and they have five children and eight grandchildren. He has served three missions for the LDS Church, as a young man in Guatamala/El Salvador, a full time senior office missionary in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission, and a part-time Humanitarian Service Missionary at the NLV Welfare Services Complex. Keith will teach Scanning Made Easy.

Weiner, Shelly was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She received her BA in Art History from Wayne State University in Detroit and her MS in Library Science from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. She has been employed at the Las Vegas - Clark County Library District since 1994. Prior to that, she was with the Southfield (MI) Public Library and the Cincinnati (OH) Art Museum.
The genealogy "bug" infected Shelly in 2002 when her child had the usual 2nd grade "find out all you can about your family tree" assignment. Said child is now constantly pleading with her, "Mom! The assignment's been over for a decade. Can you PLEASE stop now?"
Shelly is a member of the Jewish Geneology Society in both Las Vegas and Michigan. She was on the organizing committee for the 2005 International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) annual conference in Las Vegas. She has given lectures at several IAJGS conferences and local genealogy Societies on using libraries for research. Shelly will be teach BUBBE* Wasn't on the Mayflower: Jewish Genealogy Research (*Yiddish word for grandmother)