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Dear visitor

Thank you for the interest on my webpage. 

First of all I wish to inform you that Mr. Ali Belhocine used abusively, several times, my name as his co-author. 

I don't know Mr. Ali Belhocine and I'm not co-author of any paper published by him

If someone see my name as his co-author, please let me know and inform the journal that I'm not his co-author.

Research interests
Difference and Differential Equations, Oscillatory Behaviour.
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Education and academic qualifications                                                     
           Ph.D., in 2007, in Mathematical Analysis at Azores University
          MSc, in 1997, in Mathematic at the Évora University.
          Graduation, in 1995, in Mathematical Analysis at the Évora University.
Sandra Pinelas
Academia Militar
Departamento de Ciências Exactas e Engenharias
Av. Conde Castro Guimarães
2720-113 Amadora

Second Institution (as Senior Researcher)

S. M. Nikolskii Mathematical Institute of RUDN, Moscow, Russia