About Sandra M. Urquhart

Sandra Urquhart began her writing career with inspired poetry. She became proficient in her writing while researching and writing legal cases within the federal government. She wrote and edited the Local Informer, a newsletter for the Fort Lauderdale local  of the National Alliance of Postal and Federal Employees.

She is certified in digital publishing, and pursued both multimedia and marketing degrees, obtaining them in 2006. She has also worked in the graphic arts industry, creating customized children’s activity books, as well as other customized marketing materials for children.

Currently, she has developed an online bible study that has captivated subscribers and visitors to her site due to the personalized clarity she brings to her subject matter. General information about this author can be found on her blog. Her current book, Dear Child Of God, which can be purchased as well on amazon.com, is a great ministry tool and can be downloaded as an eBook,  “free” or for the donation of your choice. Ministry groups can contact the author directly for a group discount on the hard copy. Follow Sandra on twitter, or join her on facebook. She lives with her son in South Florida.

She is also reaching out to help others through this incredible information. Contact her for more info.