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Where does the Creative Writing Teacher go to learn and grow as a writer? To Holly LIsle's online writing course called "How to Think Sideways."

I took this online go-at-your-own-pace writing class from author Holly Lisle called "How to Think Sideways." I can't recommend it highly enough for writers who want to deepen their commitment to themselves and their projects. Click here for more information:



I Saw Us in a Painting, about my book of poetry

My Curriculum Vita also called a Resume

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My Night Vision Journal, which is a blog my sister, artist Cheryl Renee Long, and I keep about journaling in image and word and other topics related to the many faces of the artist's soul.

I am married to the famous Shakespeare scholar, Peter Jensen, and his web site is here: 

I teach creative writing and literature at Linfield College and at Lane Community College.

"My Allies" Prismacolor by Cheryl Renee Long

 On the beach on Vancouver Island

I am a native of Wenatchee, Washington, and a UW and CSUF graduate. My interest in painting and the arts has led me to write poetry using imagery, color, and design. My  work has been shaped both by formal training and innovation. I am married to poet-husband Peter Jensen. We live and teach college from Eugene, Oregon, and actively pursue our mutual interests in writing, art, kayaking, and Coastal Native Indian Art.