Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics from Everlasting Electrology

What is Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics, also referred to as micro-pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing or dermal pigmentation, is a process whereby completely natural pigments are implanted  beneath the epidermis (top layer of skin), into the dermal layer ( second layer of skin),  by micro insertion. The pigments used have been specially formulated for cosmetic application.

Not to be compared with traditional tattooing, in which permanent skin dyes and inks are  placed into the skin.

Is the procedure painful ?

This may vary according to each individual's pain threshold; however, topical
anesthetics are used to numb the area to minimize the discomfort

Who would benefit from Permanent Cosmetics?

Everyone from the young to the elderly, who desire a natural enhancement to their appearance:

People who are fashion conscious

Want to save time each day.

Have to look their best in the professional world.

Have sparse or very light eyebrows.

Are allergic to cosmetics

Have ultra sensitive eyes

Have visual limitations

Have unsteady or arthritic hands

Wear full lip color that does not bleed through lip line

Want the convenience of make-up that will not smudge, smear or wear off