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I was born and raised in Salem, Oregon,  and became a Shakespearean and professor of English and writing at Eastern Oregon University, where I also served as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and where I was recipient of the Woman of Vision and Courage Award.  Prior to this I was a professor at the State University of New York, where I received both the President’s and the Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching and was Chair of Undergraduate Studies in English and co-director of the Humanities Center.  I have conducted research at the Folger Shakespeare Library and received an American Council of Learned Societies Grant to participate in the World Shakespeare Conference in Berlin.  I specialize in studies of metaphor, particularly metaphors of value and coinage, and am author of Econolingua (1985).  I am also a feminist, and my articles on Renaissance dramatist Elizabeth Carey and on Ophelia in Hamlet are widely reprinted.  As a Research Fellow at the Oregon State University Center for the Humanities, I applied metaphors of value and valuation to Shakespeare’s history plays.  My scholarly articles appear in various learned journals.  For several years I was a member of the Oregon Chautauqua program, traveling around the state speaking on "My Shakespeare," which focused on portraits and changing conceptions of Shakespeare throughout the ages.  In fall of 2009 I had the honor of being inducted into the North Salem High School Hall of Fame for Distinguished Lifetime Achievement.

I have spent the last decade as a creative writer of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and drama.  My works appear in various literary magazines, and I was a recipient of the Oregon Literary Arts fellowship award in drama. I am founder and organizer of the Northwest Poets’ Concord and past President of Writers on the Edge.

Recent books appear under the pen name Alexandra Mason, http://alexandramasonbooks.com

The Lighthouse Ghost of Yaquina Bay

Poems Along the Way

Lost and Found


First place, Dueling Judges, for "Sweeping:  Three Scenes," Oregon Poetry Association, Fall, 2014.

North Salem High School Hall of Fame for "Distinguished Lifetime Achievement," 2009, Salem, Oregon.

Woman of Vision and Courage Award, Eastern Oregon University, 2006.

Oregon Literary Arts fellowship award for Drama, 2002.

President's and Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Teaching, State University of New York, 1993.



            The Lighthouse Ghost of Yaquina Bay (2017)

             J. Carl Ellston of Exeter, Missouri (2015)

            Lost and Found (poems) (2014)

            Poems Along the Way (2012)

(as Sandra K. Fischer)

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Creative Writing

“This Train Don’t…or, You Can’t Get there from Here,” in Groundwaters (2020).

“Palmprint” in Subjectiv (May 2020).

“My Shakespeare and the Folger” in Groundwaters (2018).

"The Lighthouse Ghost of Yaquina Bay" (excerpt), "To Li Bai at the End of the World" (after Du Fu), "Stormsong," and "A Political Paradigm" in Tuesday (2016).

Memoir essays and poems in "Groundwaters," 2016, 2017, 2018. "Falling into the Little North Fork, Falling into Philosophy," "Don't IM Me," "Not Yet" (poem), "To Hear the Mermaids Singing," "My Shakespeare and the Folger," "The Mystery" and "What Lies Ahead" (poems).

"For the Poet Laureate of Bucksport, Maine upon the Loss of her Mother," "You Again," "A Mondo and a Kata-uta," "The Teacher Grows Old," "Taoist Toasts," "Growing Old with Mother," "Another Lullaby," in Tuesday (2014).

"Prairie Ancestors" and "Climbing Larch Mountain" in Tuesday (2015).

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Journal Articles and Essays in Collections 

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(as Sandra K. Fischer)

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Featured poet at Oregon Writers’ Colony ceremony, Looking Glass Bookstore, Oct. 27, 2008, Portland, OR

Featured poet at 3d Anniversary Celebration of the Spoken Word sponsored by hipfish, Astoria River Theater, January 13, 2003

Staged reading of excerpts from my play, The Last Kalapooyan, Pierce Library, EOU, April 16, 2002

Dramaturge, As You Like It, SUNYA, 1993-94 (commended for excellence by the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival)

Staged reading of Renaissance by David Bookbinder, Borders, Feb. 13, 1994 Gertrude and Ophelia in Tom Stoppard's Fifteen-Minute Hamlet, 1990


            Reviews, Abstracts, Feature Articles


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(as Sandra K. Fischer)

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