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Sunday, January 26th 2014
Our first day back to the mixed Soling, RG65 sailing began with a light breeze and cool but pleasant temps. The breeze faded to nearly nothing at times. In attendance were Charlie and Paul, Bob Esser, Allen and myself. Nice day and peaceful sailing.

Sunday January 5 2014
     Today we held our annual club cup event which was a catch up  for 2013.
The day started off with nearly no wind and after five races we stopped for a hot dog .
The second round of  five races showed much more competition and excitement with an increase in wind speed. There were no  superstars and the event revealed many determined skippers. The top four places were seperated by only one point. One throwout for ten races seperated the winner from the other skippers.
Final results are as follows:
1st place .................Cup holder for 2013 is Dave Greisse  
Second place......... George Reed
Third place ............Mike Haney
Fourth place............Butch Bragg
Fifth place...............Bob Esser
Sixth place ..............Charlie Tumey
Seventh place ..........Paul Tumey


Indian River Model Sailing Club at Vero will be hosting their annual Frostbite Regatta on January 18th 2014. In the past many of us have supported this event. I plan on going this year. Lets try to show up and rekindle the competition with the Vero group.

Titusville Model Sailing Club
We sail Soling, RG65, Footy and US One Meter class boats.
Sailing days are Wednesday 3 pm and Sunday at noon.
Our new Venue is Chain of lakes park in Mims. 
American Model Yacht Association....... Club #95
Evolution of a Club
Our club has undergone some big changes this year. We have moved from being on fire with Footys to adopting a new class of boat.  We saw Footy participation dwindle to nearly nothing all across Florida in the clubs that we were competing with. TMSC moved to the RG65 class. The new class of boat called RG65 is new to us but not new at all. The class has been in existence for about 30 years.
It is an international class with participants including South America, and Europe. AMYA's recent publication featuring the RG's seems to have kindled a fire in this country. The attraction for our club is the fact that it is an open class and allows the builder to tweak his or her particular version to suit their taste. Unlike the Soling the builder has many options with hulls, rigs, sails, etc, etc. This new class is a small very portable class. 65CM (aprox 26 inches). Despite it's size it is a very fast and exciting boat. In the beginning during development at our club it was beating some of the Solings. This boat The RG65 has taken over most sailing events and the Soling one meter has become a secondary choice for the majority of our skippers. Almost all our events are now RG65 with an occasional skipper showing up with a Soling but most of the time they don't put it in the water and sailing someone else's RG65.
Titusville, vs Vero 2011
The annual club challenge  will take place in Vero on Saturday Oct. 1st at noon. Vero being the challengers chose to compete with Soling One Meters.

       Visit our messgae board  
We have opened a new Sailing Venue
This course was set up by Dave our new Soling Fleet
 Captain at the Chain of Lakes park just north of
Titusville off JJ road.
We will conduct all racing at that Venue. 
  New skippers are always welcome.

The Soling One Meter is a low-cost, kit-based one-design class targeted toward getting new skippers and hobbyists involved in model yachting. The Soling One Meter Class philosophy is to provide a low-cost one-design model suitable for introducing newcomers to the hobby, while offering enough performance to keep long-time model sailors interested. All aspects related to performance are intended to be restricted to what can be achieved by building the kit straight from the manufacturer's plans. Other aspects not affecting performance are not as strictly controlled.The Soling One Meter Class was introduced to the AMYA in 1993. Since that time it has become the largest class in the organization, with just over 800 boats registered in late 2006. The Soling One Meter also qualifies in the open design US One Meter Class.


LOA 39.38 inches
Displacement 10 pounds minimum
Sail Area: 592 sq. inches
Draft: Approx. 10 inches
Mast height: 52 inches
Overall height: 65 inches  

The Footy is...

... a very small radio-control sailboat whose length is a mere 12 inches (30.5 cm). The hull can be made from a fiberglass mold or simply with thin sheets of plywood fitted together. Two servos are used, one to control the sail and one for the rudder. Some plans are availble for sale, some for free. Links may be found on the Plans page.

To keep competition keen, the Footy designers have proposed a set of rules to keep all the boats similar to a certain degree. Visit the Rules page for details.

There is an active and growing community of Footy sailors in New Zealand, the U.K. and the USA, where it has just been added as the newest official AMYA class.

   09 National Footy Event
Pictures of the National Regatta