About Sandman

I re-discovered the fact that America has a long history of producing wonderful toys, especially during the last century.  I am an “airplane guy” who is enamored by anything with wings or rotors and will try just about anything to preserve them for the future.  Though I love building model airplanes that actually fly, I also appreciate those metal or wood toys and models that celebrated this country’s success in aviation.  During the Great Depression and beyond, manufacturers such as the Louis Marx Co., Inc. (plus their many spin-offs), Wyandotte, Steelcraft, and a host of others used “pressed steel” to produce some very popular and durable toy airplanes.  I enjoy upgrading, restoring, or, better yet, OVERHAULING these toys to increase their viability and appeal.  The goal of this website is to share that passion with other enthusiasts or collectors so inclined.  Go ahead and cruise around this burgeoning site and please send me a note if you’d like.  


Parkreation@msn.com      219-241-8622