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New Sand Lake Principal Announced

posted Jul 28, 2016, 7:56 AM by Greg Phillips

After multiple days of candidate interviews, I'd like to introduce to you, your new principal - Linson Thompson.  Linson is extremely excited to begin working for his new school community.  Below is the informational "blurb" provided to the School Board.

For the last four years Linson has served as principal of Klatt Elementary.  Prior to his work there he was the full-time Assistant Principal of Sand Lake Elementary.  Before entering administration he taught in the Anchorage School District for fifteen years primarily as a sixth grade teacher at Ocean View Elementary.

I would like to personally thank the teachers, parents and community members that provided their thoughtful input into the process.  Your guidance, especially the qualities sought in your next principal, provided a clear picture of your needs and desires.  Again thank you.  Glen

Glen R. Nielsen,
Executive Director, Elementary Education, ASD


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