My research interests are in the areas of international trade and macroeconomics

In my job market research I offer new insights on the consequences of policy uncertainty and the channels it operates through. The intensifying nature of policy uncertainty makes it a popular explanation for recent weak economic performance and puzzles. At the same time, the literature largely treats policy uncertainty as a homogenous but indeterminate concept and relies on macro-level measures of policy uncertainty, limiting the ability of empirical research to make causal claims. This research addresses these weaknesses by exploiting variation in firms' exposure to external markets to construct a firm-level measure of policy uncertainty. The approach both highlights a new channel for policy uncertainty and allows for stronger causal identification of the effects of policy uncertainty on economic performance. As part of this effort, I improve on prior approaches to measuring policy uncertainty and distinguish between generic, fiscal, monetary, and trade policy uncertainty. 

I'll be joining the IMF in Fall 2017.