Sandie Ogier 

Master Student at the business school HEC

Personal data

  • Nationality : French
  • Status : Single 
  • Age : 23 (07/03/1985)


1 allée des roseaux     91430 Vauhallan France
06 98 99 73 67

Update : september 15, 2008

Education and Qualifications

2008-2009 MBA (FRANCE)

Master student at the business school HEC (Paris) in the management program "Management de grands Projets".

-> The Official Website of the school :

2006-2007 Exchange (SWEDEN)

From September to April, Erasmus student at Chalmers University of Technology, Goteborg, Sweden.

-> The Official Website of the University :

2003-2008 Engineering School (FRANCE)

Computer engineering student at IFIPS (Institut de Formation d'Ingénieurs de l'Université Paris-Sud), due to graduate in july 2008.

-> The Official Website of the Institute :

June 2003 Baccalauréat (FRANCE)

Baccalauréat Scientifique (equivalent to high school diploma) in physics, biology and mathematics, obtained with distinction.



2009 : 6months (FRANCE)

Six month training period as risk manager at FRANCE TELECOM
-> In charge of risk management, study of constraints and security requirements
for innovative products and services launches.

2008 : 6months (FRANCE)

Six month training period as engineer at Micropole Univers, leader in business intelligence and e-business, Paris, (2008),

-> Set and develop a Master Data Management Solution (Manage reference data) at BNP Paribas Immobilier.
->Develop a design assistant tool for the Orchestra Networks’ Master Data Management Solution (Ebx.Platform).


2007 : 3months (FRANCE)

Three month training period at the Defense ministry of Paris, EMA, SPCSF,

-> Design and develop software managing military operation information with quality, cost and delivery analysis.


2006 : 5months (RUSSIA)

Five month training period atthe Institute of Informatics Systems (IIS), Novossibirsk, Russia

-> Participate in the development of bioinformatics software which decode genes to take off diseases.
->Design and restructure the group website

-> The Official Website of the Institut :

2005 : 1month (FRANCE)

Three month training period at SMS Telecom

-> Design and develop an Access application to manage customers and suppliers.
-> Set up computing network of the company.
->Design the company’s web site.

Personal experiences


  • Developed and designed a website for the NGO SOLISUDS. Technologies: php, mysql

-> The Website of the NGO :

  • Member of the animation team in the cultural center for children created by SOLISUDS and MVL in Ouidah, Bénin (Africa). During the whole month of august, I have been also in charge of the IT activities.



  • French : Native language
  • English : Fluent
  • Spanish : Intermediate
  • Russian : Beginner


  • Operating systems : Linux, Sun, Windows
  • Programming languages : ADA, CC++, Cobol, Html, Xml, Css, Java, OpenGL, Pascal, Php, Perl, Cgi, Sql.
  • Systems Analysis : Uml, Merise.
  • Database : MS Access, Mysql, SQL Server.
  • Software : Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Net Beans, WinDesign.

Activities and Interests

  • Dance, Swimming, Jogging
  • Webdesign, Multimedia, Drawing, Photography, Video, Inset (Photos and Videos)
  • Cinema, Music, Literature, Travel
  • Aid organizations
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