A New Found Venture

posted Jul 1, 2012, 11:38 AM by Shannon Bresnahan   [ updated Jul 1, 2012, 2:16 PM ]
What was built in 1969, weighs 2,516 tons, and is 215 feet long? The greatest research vessel built by the U.S. Navy for research ever! Yup, R/V Melville.

I am excited and in awe to know I will be assisting graduate students on the San Diego Coastal Expedition; a venture I never thought I would be taking. My motto is when opportunity knocks, answer it.

Photo: Scripps graduate student Mike Navarro works with
Jesse Andrews in the lab aboard R/V Melville

Photo: Jesse Andrews (left) with Scripps graduate students and
fellow ROV team scientists Mike Navarro and Amanda Netburn.

For this expedition I will be working with very talented scientists on the Shelf Team using Scripps Institution of Oceanography's new Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). I had just taken a crash course in oceanography and I learned that in order to understand the ocean and the effects on it, we have to make scientific observations through the data we collect including salinity, dissolved oxygen, and carbon dioxide concentrations. The process is complex and the knowledge behind it is drawn out, but know that as these concentrations change, the ocean changes in response. These changes could be ecological or environmental. The rest will be explained in my later blog.

As nervous as I am about being at sea for the first time, I'm confident that this will be an enriching experience for me as I get to see science up-close and personal and also collaborate on multiple levels to accomplish scientific research. As the French say in France, "Bon Voyage!"

-- Jesse Andrews, Morhouse College undergraduate student