Undergrad View - Take 2!

Our undergraduate volunteers were such a great help on the last cruise! We are excited to share their at-sea research experiences again during SDCoastEx 2!  Returning on this cruise will be Elvira Hernandez Lopez, an undergraduate at UC San Diego in thEnvironment Systems program. These students will continue to share with you their experiences on a Scripps research cruise!

Meet our undergraduate volunteers:

Elvira Hernandez Lopez 
(UC San Diego)

Elvira has dedicated her undergrad years to study the occurrence of species in different environments, as well as the impact of climate change in local ecosystems. She is an ESYS student (Environment Systems major) with emphasis in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution, and a Marine Science minor. 

For her Senior Project, Elvira worked at the Elliot Chaparral Reserve, which is part of the UC Natural Reserve System, studying the impact of changing rain patterns in local plant species. Also, she is currently working in the Levin Lab, studying the influence of hypoxia on the meiobenthos, as well as studying the impact of anthropogenically induced copper pollution in the Shelter Island Yacht Basin.  

Elvira's primary responsibility on this cruise will be to help analyze samples from the multicorer to study the metazoan meiofauna of the OMZ. Elvira will be working as a critical member of the OMZ team. She will be leading the meiofauna sampling and assisting PhD students and Post-docs from California Institute of Technology to sample mudcore samples for microbes.

Yuzo Yanagitsuru (UC San Diego)

Yuzo is a third year undergraduate student at UCSD double majoring in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution, and Earth Science and unofficially minoring in Marine Science.  His primary academic interests are fish biology and ecology. During his high school years, Yuzo was an avid aquarium hobbyist with a special interest in keeping large, tropical, freshwater, predatory fish. Put shortly, his life since high school has been filled with fish whether it be recreational or career-oriented and he plans to continue working with fish for years to come.  Currently, he is working in the Marine Vertebrate Collection, the Levin Lab, and the Tresguerres Lab, all at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  Yuzo will be assisting with the identification of fish species caught in trawls. This will be his first time aboard a research vessel and he aims to develop the necessary skills to perform biological research onboard a ship under the mentorship of the Shelf team leaders.

NEW Undergraduate Major!

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